Brandon Tuss

Director of Podcasting

I started with Life Is Now in 2010 in Event and Customer Support. Now, I’m responsible for producing The Successful Mind Podcast as well as occasionally offering up my sparkling personality as an on-air talent. I enjoy the challenge of enhancing my skills to provide the best listening experience possible and help to change the lives of those who hear our powerful message.

Born and raised in Montana, father to two smart and beautiful daughters, I build LEGO by the book, am a mid-handicapper on the golf course, and recently embraced my adventurous side with the purchase of Wanda & Steely Dan (our Airstream & Chevy truck). The nest is empty, so why not fly?!?

Elizabeth Kelly Beane

Director of Online Learning & Curriculum

I started working with Life Is Now, Inc. in 2011 as Steph Tuss’ executive assistant. Having witnessed a lot of the transformation she and Brandon had gone through in their work with LIN, I was eager to be a part of it. Over the years I’ve had a role in almost every area of the company. I now oversee the media department, all things courses, and social media. Part of what I love to do is strategize and exercise my talent for design, in hopes to make the user experience of Life Is Now more impactful. 

My favorite thing about working here is our team, we have so much fun together! But I also love getting to meet so many amazing people and really see them tap into what’s possible for their life. It’s a ripple effect of good which is so needed in the world today.

I’m originally from Montana but love the access to both the mountains and the beach we have in North Carolina. Traveling with my husband and experiencing new things is my dangling carrot – next big trip will be Ireland and Scotland! When I’m not on the go you can usually find me watching a good show or reading a mystery romance on my kindle.

Tia Gripper

Director of Events and Podcast Outreach

Need an event space at the last minute? Challenge accepted! As the Director of Events and Podcast Outreach, flexibility and a can do attitude is KEY! In true Life Is Now form, I manifested my way into the company back in 2013. While journaling one day, I wrote that I wanted to work with a life coach with the idea of hiring one to help me gain some clarity on the direction I wanted to take with my life, but the universe had something better in mind. 

I began working with the company as a contractor and after working my first event, was brought on as a permanent hire. I love working for LIN because it’s like the gift that keeps on giving. Everyone in this company has a gift that not only gives to the company, but also gives to our clients, who receive the gift of clarity and awareness that they can then use in their business to be of service to others.

Fun fact about me, when dining out, I select my entrée based on how much room I need to have left for dessert!

Sarah Murphy

Director of Sales & Coaching

I was introduced to Life Is Now back in 2008 from Steph and Brandon Tuss and have been a part of the team since 2014.

I help clients find their next best step in their journey and how we can support them! My favorite part is watching our clients journey. How they transition from living in fears and doubts to experiencing personal freedom and living the life they truly desire!

I am originally from Wisconsin but I love living in NC now where we have access to both mountains and ocean! I love to travel, we recently added a new RV to our lives to explore more of the outdoors & this beautiful country! I love to capture it all as well, prior to coming to work with LIN, I was a professional photographer and have owned several of my own businesses.

Jake Hall

Lead Digital Media Producer

I started with Life is Now in October 2019. I enjoy creating engaging content that both entertains and inspires those who see it. I am also in charge of the live productions that take place out of our studio here at HQ. I take pride in giving our attendees a seamless and enjoyable workshop experience. 

Outside of work, you can usually find me at a music festival, or taking a weekend camping trip to the mountains.

Corey Beane

Client Communications Specialist & Executive Assistant

After getting to know David, Steph and the rest of the Life Is Now team for a few years and volunteering to work at and experience one of their events, I immediately knew I had to become a part of their incredible team! As a “jack of all trades” at Life Is Now, and continually striving to master all of them, I am the one-man army behind all things client support and also the executive assistant to our amazing CEO, Steph Tuss.

In my spare time, I enjoy lifting very heavy things, very many times (some people call that “going to the gym”), playing guitar moderately well, and wearing flip flops as often as possible, just to let the rest of the team know where I am at all times. Shoot me a line at!

Bradley Harrison

Digital Media Producer & Content Creator

I’ve been a part of the Life Is Now Team since September of 2020, and I thoroughly enjoy creating impactful visual content that inspires business owners to chase their dreams. I absolutely love the open communication and innovative ideas we share at this company on a regular basis; everyone is all-in! I’m always up for a new adventure and like to spend my time traveling, exploring and experiencing the great outdoors, one photograph at a time.

You can check out my photography here:

Chase Collins


I was introduced to Life Is Now Inc. by a good friend of mine. I made a career pivot during the pandemic and got into the self development industry. I listened to The Successful Mind Podcast for a while and was intrigued with Life Is Now teachings. I spontaneously applied for a position that popped up and moved my life to Charlotte, NC to pursue the job! It just felt aligned and right.

I am in sales. I absolutely love working for Life Is Now and what it stands for. Being able to help people move towards their desires and goals on the daily is a dream come true. Not to mention the self growth that has come with the job and learning to better my best everyday.

I’ve lived in 7 cities, spanning from a cattle ranch in Colorado to London, UK! I love exploring different cultures and places in the world and can appreciate what each has to offer. I love being out on my horse in the middle of the mountains and I love roaming the streets of NYC.