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The Art of Success – Article #10 – What’s your potential?


What’s your potential?

Each person has a desire in their heart. That desire is a lot like a seed.

If you take any seed in nature and place it in your hand, what are you actually holding? You’re holding the potential for something else. That’s what a seed holds — the potential for something else… something more.

For example, if you hold the seed of an oak tree in your hand, it has the potential to become a massive oak tree.

Not only that — once it becomes a massive oak tree, that tree will produce seeds; each of which will also become oak trees…and soon you have an entire forest.

All of that could come from one tiny seed? Yes!

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But if you simply looked at the appearance of the seed, you couldn’t see all of that right away. It would just look like a small seed, and nothing more.

Desire is the same way.

Like the seed, desire has the potential to become so much more in your life, if you allow it to grow.

If you nurture your desire, feed it, put in the right environment, and give it what it needs to be expressed, it will GROW…and it will create massive things in your life — things that aren’t immediately apparent to you right now.

That’s why following your desire is so powerful. It holds so much potential.

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Just like an entire forest could be created from one tiny seed, there’s potential for amazing transformations to occur in your life if you allow yourself to follow even one small desire you have in your heart.

So follow your desires…no matter how small they are!

They will lead you in the direction of your purpose and have a lasting impact on others.

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