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The Art of Success – Article #8 – Playing the blame game?


Playing the blame game?

We live in a society that’s steeped in blame.

Had a bad day? Blame your boss. Bad mood? Blame your spouse. Feeling irritated? Blame the guy who cut you off in traffic.

It’s considered “normal” to blame.

As a life strategy, this may have worked for you as a kid. (“It’s Johnny or Mary’s fault all the cookies are gone!”)…and you may have gotten away with it.

…But blaming doesn’t have any place in your adult life. Not if you want to create a magnificent life.

It simply reinforces the idea that you’re a “victim” of your circumstances (which is not true).

Blaming is one of the most disempowering things you could ever do, because it implies that someone else is responsible for your results.

…which brings me to today’s question: Who exactly is responsible for your thoughts?

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As adults, we’re responsible for what we turn over to our subconscious mind. However, we were NOT responsible for what was placed in our subconscious minds as small children.

Prior to the age of 7, we had no conscious mind developed. As children, we had no ability to question, analyze, or reject an idea. We accepted everything we were exposed, and those thoughts, ideas and experiences became fixed in there (like water pouring into an open fishbowl).

All those ideas, emotions, opinions, experiences, and evaluations of life eventually became the raw materials for your current belief system.

As you grew up, that belief system began to express itself in the way you thought, acted, and carried yourself…well into your adult life.

Here’s the kicker: Something you could not reject at age 4 could still be running your life today, and you may not even be aware of it.

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So, who’s responsible for what’s currently in your subconscious mind today?

Really think about that.

You can’t change history. However, you now have a conscious mind, which means you’re free to reject thoughts that no longer serve you.

It’s now YOUR responsibility to examine your beliefs and ideas and decide what can stay and what must go.

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