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I live between two worlds. How can I live fully as an entrepreneur?


This week’s question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from someone who wishes to remain anonymous.

Neagle Code Question

I am in two worlds, the corporate world during the day, and then my world as an entrepreneur – if I have the energy afterwards. I want to transition from the corporate world to having a successful, lucrative career running my own business, and so far, have had some small successes; but I want big success. However, I am not financially secure enough to just quit my day job, and I find the struggle disheartening at times. Any words of insight would be very much appreciated!


Neagle Code Answer

This is a great question and a perfect example of what I wrote about last week in reference to what Maxwell Maltz calls a Cybernetic Mechanism.

You see the truth is that you have a deep desire to be massively successful entrepreneur, but you also have a conflicting “set point” or sub-conscious belief that is giving you the message that it’s just not possible.

This belief is causing you to choose the perceived security of a day job over fully stepping into your gift. There may also be a hidden fear that’s keeping you from sharing your work with the world. (hint: judgment)

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It’s hard to know the set point that’s stopping you without actually having a conversation with you. But just know if you truly wanted to be an entrepreneur more than anything and share your work, you would.

It’s the LAW!

Uncovering your hidden beliefs is going to be key in helping you see how realizing your dream is possible.

One suggestion I have for you:

Set a date to leave your day job and then go to work preparing for that day.

You must force yourself to release the belief that you need the day job to support you; it’s simply not true.

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The other suggestion I would make is to really look at your beliefs and values. If you can become aware of what’s controlling your thinking, you can consciously choose differently.

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