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Common Misconceptions About Being an Entrepreneur


Common Misconceptions About Being an Entrepreneur

There’s been a huge shift in entrepreneurship in the last 50 years — and also in the last 10 to 15 years.

Being an entrepreneur has become the “cool” thing to do. We’ve “celebritized” it in a way.

We see all these different pictures of people with yachts, private jets, driving their new Bugatti, etc… we see reality TV like the Kardashians showing people “living the life.”

But with these shows, we never see what an entrepreneur is actually doing day in and out.

We don’t see the entrepreneur working 18-hour days, trying to pay their bills. We don’t see them borrowing money, trying to keep their company moving forward. We don’t see them rehabbing their new product or service, because customers are returning what they bought.

We don’t see them hiring, firing employees, people quitting or not showing up to work.

We don’t see the personal problems many entrepreneurs have behind the scenes — like their family hasn’t seen them in six months. Or they’re dealing with overwhelm, depression, binge-drinking, or doing drugs.

There’s a lot of negative shit that comes out of being an entrepreneur that people don’t realize.

Some people go into business with some kind of dream or idea about what they want to experience. The dream is unique to each person. But once they get into business, it becomes like a monster taking over. They don’t know how to control it, tame it, or get the monster moving in one direction.

Starting a business can either lead to personal freedom — or your own personal prison.

We need to ask ourselves a variety of questions about what to do when we start a business — so that we don’t end up creating a giant “job” for ourselves that we don’t even like. That’s what turns a business into a prison, rather than freedom.

Many people who start a business should really think about all of this beforehand.

So let me ask you something… if you’re in business, does it give you freedom, or do you feel like a prisoner?

If it feels like a prison, ask yourself what you are resisting being, doing or having that would shift things to provide you more personal freedom.

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