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Do I have a Dark Side?


This week’s question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from Brian O.

Neagle Code Question

David… I’ve heard you mention the “Dark Side” MANY times over the last couple of months and I’m paying attention, but I still have confusion about what a “Dark Side” really is. Every time I hear it, I think it must be a bad side or an evil side of myself. Can you clarify please?

Neagle Code Answer

I’d be happy to explain!!

Human beings have a tremendous amount of creative power that can be consciously used in their life to create any life that they desire.

If we start with that frame and then think to ourselves, how many people don’t create the life they desire, the question then becomes, “Why don’t they?”

Where did this power go and how did they become so impotent in their own life that they can’t actually create the life that they desire?

It actually is a power that gets suppressed by ideas that conflict with the higher side of ourselves.

Let me explain… the higher side of the human personality, or who we are at our core, is something that is tapped into Universal truth.

And what truth really does is allows us to live prosperously. It allows us to remove pain and suffering from our life to a great extent. It allows us to surround ourselves with magnificent people and magnificent situations and opportunities to really not only explore, but experience the grandeur of life and be a benefit to other people as well.

But when we are growing up and we’re taught to suppress the true essence of who we are, it starts to form what we call The Dark Side. So, the Dark Side is like a mixing bowl in front of you. In it there is a combination of:

  • your greatest assets and power,
  • parts of you that you were told that were wrong,
  • parts of you that you were shamed about,
  • parts of you that you carry guilt about,
  • and tremendous secrets that we carry in life,

And unfortunately, most people don’t think that they can let the dark side of themselves out because what will evidently happen is that people will reject them.

In essence, our Dark Side is the powerful TRUE side of ourselves that we were shamed for, ridiculed for, or made wrong for… and so we hid those pieces of ourselves in the dark and gave our greatest power away to someone else.

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