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The wealthy mindset embraces fear. Here’s why


This week’s question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from Brett J.

Neagle Code Question

If fear, worry and doubt are programmed in our minds, it seems inevitable that they will surface at some point after I make a decision. How do I suppress or eliminate them?

Neagle Code Answer

You are absolutely correct that fear, worry and doubt may surface, especially once you’ve made a decision to do something new or even if you are in the decision-making process.

Fear, doubt and worry show up in different ways for each person, depending on their programming.

The problem is that we’ve been taught that fear is a bad thing…something to avoid or eliminate. In fact, the Middle Class Mindset is focused on completely avoiding fear altogether.

But the truth is successful people know how to use fear, worry and doubt to create what they want.

The Wealth Mindset actually embraces fear as an indicator, and seeks to understand the hidden messages in worry and doubt.

Most people spend their lives running from fear, but successful people have a completely different understanding, and I believe it’s so important that I’m going to be hosting a FREE virtual training titled:

The Crossroads of Success: Two Critical Decisions You Must Make to Transform Fear and Anxiety. It’s coming up on June 13th at 1:00 pm ET. In this training I’m going to explain how you can actually welcome fear, doubt and worry and use them as a catalyst for your own success. I’ll show you how to take your power back and stop letting fear control you.

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Because you see Brett, trying to suppress or eliminate fear actually keeps you in the problem.


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