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[Fast Cash Formula Series] Article #10 ~ How To Identify The Best Opportunity For You


If you have a need or desire, the opportunity to fulfill that need or desire is also present in your life. That’s the promise of the Law of Polarity. By the way, the same is true of any problem you’re having. Its solution is already in your life.

So the question is, where is it? As I’ve said, often hiding in plain sight.

Last time, I started guiding you through an exercise to help you find your opportunity. Before I move on to step 3, here are steps 1 and 2 again:


Unmask YOUR Opportunity, Cont.

Step 1. On a piece of paper, write down your “need,” the amount to the penny of your monthly bills. If you are meeting your need every month, write down what you want. What is your financial goal?

Step 2. Now, make a list of every opportunity that comes to mind that could help you meet your need or want. No matter how far-fetched or unappealing the idea may seem, write it down. (We’ll record and evaluate your objections in steps 3 and 4.)

If you haven’t censored your ideas, you should have opportunities on your list that scare you—that threaten your subconscious’ aim to keep you safe by preserving the status quo.

You also probably have some ideas on your list that would not be advantageous. Your subconscious may have you thinking it’s the perfect solution, but it would actually make your situation worse.

For example, during difficult financial times, people sometimes go back to school for a degree that puts them deeper into debt but doesn’t help them get work when they graduate. Going back to school is not always disadvantageous, but people sometimes do it because they’re afraid to push themselves in their business to make sales or get creative in how they market or become more visible. The trouble is they’ve only put off their problem. Their fear is going to be waiting for them in two or four years when their financial hole is even deeper because of the student loan debt.

To help you choose wisely among your opportunities, go on to step 3.

Step 3. Every opportunity has at least one challenge associated with it—something that makes you think the opportunity would be difficult or impossible to pull off.

The most common challenges are: not enough money or time, issues with a loved one or prior commitments. There may be a particular seminar you want to go to, but you have something else scheduled at that time or you think you don’t have the money or your spouse is already upset that you’re traveling so much.

The opportunity may also require you to face your fear of rejection or embarrassment. You may have to take an unpopular stand or even move to another location.

What challenge(s) come up for you as you consider each opportunity on your list? Beside each item, write them down.

In the next step, we will shine the light of reason on those challenges, so that you can begin to see them as simply more opportunities to take you where you want to go.


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