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[Fast Cash Formula Series] Article #16 ~ How To Experience The Miracle of Money


Over the past several months, I’ve shown you the steps for manifesting cash in your life. In this final article of the series, I’m giving you all of the main steps again to get you started on creating financial freedom.

As I’ve said, financial freedom is not about how much money you have. It’s an awareness of being able to create any amount of money you need, whenever you need it.

Here are those 10 crucial steps:

1. Change Your Evaluation of Money
Many people see money as a necessary evil, when the truth is, money is an idea from the Universe that has allowed us to create amazing things. We’re not supposed to worship money but neither are we supposed to vilify it. We’re supposed to master it as a tool for pursuing our dreams and fulfilling our purpose.

2. Recognize that Money Is an Effect and You Are the Cause
Money follows the Law of Cause and Effect, which states that every cause has an effect, and every effect has a cause.

Money (or the lack of it) in your life is an effect that you cause to happen. It’s a direct result of what you’re doing or not doing.

Change what you’re doing, and you will get a different effect.

3. Embrace The Law of Polarity
The Law of Polarity states that if you have a need or a desire, the opportunity to fulfill that need or desire exists in your life as well. If you embrace that truth, really embrace it, you’ll keep looking until you find the opportunity.

4. Identify Your Need
Your “need” is simply the amount to the penny of your monthly bills. So pull out your checkbook or accounting software and do the calculation. If you’re already meeting your need every month, what do you want? What is your financial goal?

5. Identify Why You Need It
Why do you have those particular bills?

You need what you need for a reason. You created the circumstances in your life that you need that money for.

Chances are that situation is a repeating story in your life. Once you’re aware of the story you can take responsibility for it and, in the process, empower yourself to change.

6. Adjust Your Set Point
Most of us have a set point, an internal sense determined by our subconscious of how much money we’re “supposed” to have. If we’re thrust into sudden wealth, such as by winning the lottery, our subconscious kicks up a fuss to bring us back, like a thermostat, to where we’re “supposed” to be.

To adjust your set point, begin to reject any ideas that reinforce lack and also nurture your faith in abundance.

Two simple ways to do that is to stop using coupons and waiting for sales. If you want something now, and you have the money for it now, buy it.

7. What Is Your “Why”?
In order to keep moving forward despite difficulties or fear, you must have a compelling reason, a “why” that motivates and drives you.

Why do you want more money? What is your compelling reason for upleveling your life?

8. Become Aware of the Opportunity to Get What You Need.
The opportuntity to get what you need and want is around you right now. The problem is, the opportunity may be disguised as something unappealing, something you don’t want to do.

Below is an exercise to unmask your opportunity so that you can see its potential for you.

Step 1.
Brainstorm. Make a list of every opportunity that comes to mind that could help you meet your need or want. Don’t censor, write everything down.

Step 2.
Every opportunity has at least one challenge associated with it ~ something that makes you think the opportunity would be difficult or impossible to pull off.

Write down the challenges that arise as you think about each opportunity.

Step 3.
Now, what opportunities are those challenges presenting for you?

Each challenge you wrote down is another opportunity in disguise. It’s an opportunity for you to overcome that challenge and grow past it.

So for each of the challenges you listed in Step 2, write down the opportunity for growth that it holds for you.

9. Choose the “Right” Opportunity for You
You now have a list of unmasked opportunities. One or two of those opportunities will take you closer to your goal, while others will not. As you may have seen when you did Step 3 above, your subconscious can make opportunities seem fortunate when they’re not or unfortunate when they’re the perfect one for you.

To be sure you choose the right opportunity, run each of them through The 4 Questions.

Question 1. Is this opportunity something I want to be, do or have?
If your answer is “yes” move on to Question 2.

If you answered no, move on to your next opportunity. However, to make sure that you’re still seeing the true nature of your opportunity, look at your list of disguised opportunities in the challenges you associated with this opportunity in Step 3 above. Is one or more of those disguised opportunities something you want do, be or have? If you answered no to the opportunity, but yes to the disguised opportunity, move on to Question 2.

For instance, I had an opportunity years ago to leave the loading dock to drive a fuel truck. If I had answered Question 1, I likely would have said, “Hell no, I don’t want to drive a bomb on wheels!” However, when I acknowledged the disguised opportunity to overcome my subconscious fear of fire while doubling my income, I would have said “yes,” and moved on to Question 2.

Question 2. Will the opportunity take me closer to my goal?
If your need is $6K a month and your opportunity is a full-time job for $25/hr., it will not help you meet your goal. Instead, it will further ensnare you where you are.

If your answer is “yes” move on to Question 3.

Question 3. Is the opportunity in harmony with the laws of the universe, the primary law of more life?
“More life” means more freedom, abundance, prosperity, etc. Would the opportunity bring you more life? If your answer is “yes” move on to Question 4.

Question 4. Would this opportunity violate the rights of others?
Would it take away someone else’s choice? You’re looking for the answer “no” to Question 4.

If you get three yeses and a no, the opportunity will move you in the right direction and you can feel confident about taking it.

10. Take Action on the Opportunity.
Once you’ve determined the right opportunity for you, step into it completely, expecting success, and see it all the way through to its conclusion.

That’s it. It really is that simple. When you follow the path that I’ve laid out, doing the inner and outer work, pursuing your opportunity all the way, keeping your “why” before you, you will collect the money you need or want.

It will be there.

And you will experience that sweet taste of financial freedom at last.


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