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[Fast Cash Formula Series] Article #8 ~ Opportunity Doesn’t Knock


The opportunity to get what you want and need is around you right now. The Law of Polarity states that if you have a need, the way to fulfill that need must also be present.

The problem is, opportunity doesn’t actually knock. It hides…in plain sight.

Opportunity doesn’t want to hide. It’s there to give you what you need, but you can’t see it because your subconscious mind doesn’t want you to.

Your Subconscious Mind Controls Your Perception

Your subconscious is designed to keep you safe by keeping you where you are and preserving the beliefs you were programmed with. It does this by projecting a reality that is in harmony with those beliefs—a “reality” that also controls your perception and interpretation of outside events.

If an opportunity around you threatens those beliefs, your subconscious will prevent you from seeing it at all or will convince you that it’s harmful.

The Opportunity I Didn’t See

I experienced this myself. For two years, I had an opportunity in my life that would lead to tripling my income in less than a year, but I didn’t see it.

This particular opportunity not only challenged the negative beliefs around money that I’d been programmed with, but it also required me to face a very deep fear.

For two years, every week, part of my job on the loading dock had me talking to the driver of a fuel truck. When I reflected on his job, I thought, “Why would anyone want to drive a ‘bomb on wheels’?”

I saw it that way because a tragic fire when I was very young killed my uncle and two cousins, and my whole family was afraid of fire. My mother wouldn’t even allow candles in the house.

That fear controlled and limited my life in ways I didn’t even realize. In order to begin to have the life I wanted, I had to vanquish it.

Fortunately, my motivation to leave the unsafe situation my family was in, living next door to a drug dealer, was strong enough that when the driver told me about a job opening, I didn’t dismiss it, as I had in the past. In fact, I challenged him, making him bring in a pay stub because I didn’t believe he made as much as he did.

Long story short, I took the job, and in less than a year went from $20,000 to $60,000. Not long after that, another opportunity led me to what I’m doing today.

Action not Therapy

The bottom line is if you don’t have what you need or want, some fear and/or belief is holding you back.

Now, don’t run to therapy and try to figure out what that is. Instead, look around for the opportunity that will have you face that fear, build a new belief system, and give you what you want in life.

In order to do that, however, you have to be able to see the opportunity that your subconscious is hiding from you.

How do you see what you can’t see? I’ll walk you through that next time.


David Neagle, The Million Dollar Income Acceleration Mentor and author of The Millions Within, teaches entrepreneurs and commission-based sales professionals how to quantum leap their current incomes past the 7-figure income level, often in less than 12 months. As a world-class speaker, sales trainer, and success-mindset mentor to some of the globe’s top CEOs, David also privately mentors big decision-makers in their pursuit of quantum success and peace of mind.






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