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Is it better to stand up and fight, or let the issue go?


This week’s question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from Morgan F.

Neagle Code Question

Hi David…

My question is about letting go. When and how do you know if you need to let go or if you need to stand up for yourself and fight?

Thanks so much!

Neagle Code Answer

Hi Morgan,

The answer to your question of when to let go depends on your attachment to the outcome.

On the surface, it seems standing up for yourself would often be the right course of action. However, there are times when the issue just isn’t that important and it’s better to walk away.

I have a perfect example of this.

Many years ago, I had a partner literally steal 5 million dollars from our business. What he had done was clearly illegal, and also very difficult for me, because I had worked so hard on creating that income and was responsible for paying the taxes on it.

For about a week I was really angry, and I spoke to several attorneys. The advice I got really changed everything for me.

One attorney told me that I could sue him, but likely it would take years and several hundred thousands of dollars, and I may not ever get that money back because it was likely already spent.

In that moment I knew I could either be right or I could be rich.

So I chose to walk away from it. I focused all of my energy on building my business even bigger than before, and using the lessons I learned from that experience, I very quickly surpassed that 5 million dollars.

The way to think about when you need to let go is to look at why you care.

If you have a strong need to be right, you may find yourself fighting about a matter of no consequence.

When faced with the decision to let go or take a stand, ask yourself if making a stand will be for your growth or if it’s coming from a place of fear.

If it’s coming from fear, it is a sure sign you need to let go.


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