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For better or for worse…


Have you ever asked yourself, “What is with this relationship?”

Have ever reached a point in your life where you just wonder if the people you are surrounding yourself with are helping you or hindering you?

Every relationship – good or bad – has it’s own potential and they fall into four basic types:

1. Relationships that add.
2. Relationships that subtract.
3. Relationships that multiply.
4. Relationships that divide.

What happens when you become aware that one or more of your relationships is either subtracting or dividing from you? You are left with the option to resist this reality OR you can bring truth to it and simply accept it as “not working.”

So what does this mean for you? Good question…

It means one of three things:

1. Maybe the relationship was just for a season.

You needed to learn something or there may have been a purpose the relationship brought to your life. The dangerous thing to do is to hold onto it when the universe is telling you it’s time to let go. If you hold onto this kind of relationship it will pull you down and destroy you. Remember this relationship was only “seasonal,” and if you hold on too long – what was once delightful will become destructive.

2.You are in a relationship where you think you will change the other person.

There is an old saying that “people change but not much,” and this is really true when it comes to the core values of other people. It is really rare that a person will do enough work on themselves to change their value or belief system if it is warranted. If you think you will change a person to fit your needs you are misleading yourself. Only they can want to change, and you can’t want it more for them then they want it for themselves.

3.You are in a relationship that holds you in your past.

Some people will absolutely refuse to let go of who you were or what you did in your past. As long as you surround yourself with these people it will prevent you from completing your transformation of what you want to be. Oftentimes, others will attempt to put you on a guilt trip for trying to change. Who do you think you are?” “Are you better than us?” “Are
you a big shot now?”
All of this in an attempt to hold you in the same place where they are.

When the space shuttle takes off, the rocket boosters that propel the shuttle into space burn out and fall off at a certain point. If they didn’t, they would destroy the shuttle. Pull it back down to earth.

Some of the people in your life that have been here for a season have been boosters but only for a time – a season – now it’s time to move on.

You need to surround yourself with people that have the mentality that you want – not that you have.

Does this have an affect on your business?

Your business is nothing more than an extension of you, so if you are not growing because of toxic relationships, neither is your business.

The question is then…

What are you going to do about it?”

Do you have a mindset for success?

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