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Forget Your Goals!


For many years I have used the beginning of the New Year to set goals and help others do the same. This year, though, something is different for me… I did not set a goal.

This is vital information if you want to make BIG breakthroughs this year.  Every time we set a goal we unconsciously slip into the “how do I reach the goal?” mindset.  “How” is the key word in the question, because the how, at times, can be a difficult question to answer.


Now think of something you would like to achieve, whether it relates to money, health, relationships or anything else in your life.  Pick just one thing.  Got it?


Now if you could have the situation exactly as you would like it, what would that look like?  Got it?

Okay, so what comes next?

Well, for most of us, if you really want to achieve that “thing” (your answer above) you begin to think of ways to accomplish the goal.  The reason why most people fail to achieve really big goals is that the path to the goal is not in their head.  It’s in the universe.  When you try to think of a way to achieve it you are literally forcing.  Forcing it never works.  It only causes frustration.  Still, there are plenty of people out there telling you to set new and big goals for the New Year.

Many years ago I changed my approach to life and business and, ever since, I always set goals.  Many of my goals were big.  VERY big.  Some of them I reached.  Some of them I didn’t reach, or didn’t reach them in the timeframe I had intended.  Usually though, I reached them all but changing the timeframe was sometimes necessary.  The problem this creates for many people is it causes pressure for them to reach the goal.  They then end up trying to figure it all out on their own.  For this reason, the plan they come up with will usually be within the belief framework of their own consciousness.  For most, this means more work and more effort because they have been taught if they are to achieve anything they have to work for it.  And usually work pretty darn hard for that matter.

I had my first real breakthrough with this when I realized that it was easier to earn $50,000 a month than it was to earn $50,000 a year.  Once I realized this, my life transformed overnight.  So breaking through the struggle of money is one of the first things a person should learn to do.  However, there are so many other areas where struggle is a problem for so many people.

Here is a piece of advice I would like to share with you that will help you achieve whatever you want in less time with less effort:

First, ask yourself…

“Who would I like to be this year?”

You see, doing and having are the result of who you are being.  Being is the first piece. Once you decide on who you want to be this year the exact way for you to be that will begin to show up.  If you are willing to act on those things you will zoom into the things you want.  After all, the universe knows how to get you a result much, much faster than you could possibly think of on your own.  All you have to do is go with the plan that comes your way as long as it will give you what you want to be.

You can accomplish much more than you ever thought possible in a much shorter timeframe.  But you have to be open to these suggestions first. Do you know who you want to be?

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