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[Goal Setting Series]Article #9 ~ To Hell in a Handbasket?


The second you make a firm decision to embrace your desire, and you fully step into it, the universe responds immediately. It starts rearranging your life so that you can reach your goal and fulfill your purpose.

Some of that does not look or feel good.

Often there is a brief period of chaos. You may experience difficult situations or people close to you get sick.

That can be very challenging, because you’re emotionally attached to the things and people in your life. You think, What the hell is going on? My whole world’s falling apart!

It’s difficult, but it is only temporary. It’s like the turbulence you experience when you take off in an airplane.

The pilot comes over the intercom, saying, “Folks, we’re experiencing some turbulence right now. I’m waiting to get clearance from air traffic control so that we can take you up and out of this.”

Meanwhile, you’re gripping the seat rests or the hand of the person next to you, wondering when the hell it’s going to end.

Then, all of a sudden, they get the all-clear. The plane soars to 36,000 feet, and it’s smooth sailing from that point on.

The higher side of you understands this process, but your subconscious mind is freaking out. It can only go by the information with which it’s been programmed ~ which includes belief in lack ~ so it perceives your goal as an impossible dream. It believes that what you’re doing is dangerous, so it’s trying to stop you.

You have to be ready for this, because your subconscious will cause you to think thoughts that are detrimental to your progress toward your vision.

You’ll think, What’s happening! I’d better stop. I shouldn’t spend any more money! This is crazy. I can’t do this! In addition you may feel fear, anger or overwhelmed.

The truth is everything is moving in the right direction. When you set your goals according to Universal Law, as I’ve been showing you, you are going for the biggest win of your life.

Just keep following what I told you in my recent series on the Seven Secrets of Multimillionaire Entrepreneurs.

Those ideas of desire, decision, belief and faith in a higher power, love, responsibility, will, and action, will keep you living in the higher side of yourself.

They will cut straight through the chaos and rocket you to your goal.

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