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How Do I Focus on the Right Opportunity?


This week’s question from our portal “Ask Us Anything” comes from Aliyah.

My question is regarding opportunities. LOTS of opportunities are coming my way for collaboration or exposure. I’m running each one through the “4 questions,” as you suggested. But even then, they all still seem like good opportunities.

There’s a tiny voice within me asking, “Am I committing to too much?” How do I decide which opportunities to take?—or do take all of them?

Definitely ask yourself the 4 questions. I guarantee you all of those opportunities don’t pass the 4 questions.

Editor’s note: the 4 questions are:

1) Is this something I want to be, do, or have? (You want a “yes” answer here.)

2) Is being, doing, or having this taking me closer to my goal? (You want a “yes” answer here.)

3) Is being, doing, or having this in alignment with Universal Law (more life to all)? (You want a “yes” answer here.)

4) Does being, doing, or having this violate the rights of others (does it take away someone else’s right to choose)? (You want a “no” answer here.)

Run each opportunity through the 4 questions, one at a time. You’re looking for 3 yeses and 1 no for every one of them.

Now, let’s say all 4 opportunities actually do meet all the criteria. Then it becomes an issue of which opportunity to pursue first. Which one needs to be done first before you can do the other ones?

You can say to yourself, “I’m going to do all 4 opportunities. It’s just a matter of asking—in what order am I going to do them?”

That would be the caveat to what you’re saying.

If all the opportunities pass the 4 four questions… then look at, “What is the timeframe in which I’m going to complete them?”

It could also be that life is opening up more opportunities for you. They’re coming your way, and you’re just not used to seeing them.

But not all of it is opportunity that you want to take advantage of. Some of it won’t actually help you hit your goal. Nor could any one person take advantage of all of it.

So, chunk it down to what’s important to you. Ask the 4 questions.

Also know that whatever you’re doing now, might be different a year from now, 5 years from now, or 20 years from now. You might want to do something completely different, or add on to it, and build forward.

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