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How Do I Make Sure I Don’t Sabotage Myself?


This week’s question from “Ask Us Anything” comes from Hugo.

At the beginning of the year, I made a plan to earn $400K, and I’m getting there. We’re barely halfway through the year, and if I don’t make any more sales, I’m already at $300K. In the last couple weeks alone, I’ve sold $60K. (Some of that is for next year, not this year. But still—sold is sold.)

Everything is working. But I want to make sure my sales don’t dry up. So, what are the “red flags” I should look for to indicate that I’m sabotaging myself? It’s happened before in the past.

I would ask you—why are you even thinking about that? Why are you telling yourself that it might happen again? 

Why not just assume you’ve broken through that?

I wouldn’t spend any energy worrying about that. Instead, just keep doing what you’re doing if it’s working.

Keep your focus entirely on the goal.

If there was a red flag, it would be that the sales stop. Or that you’re not following through on the actions you’ve committed to. That would be the first place to look for a red flag.






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