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How Not to Take “One Step Back”


This week’s question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from Anna.

Neagle Code Question

I’ve been quite successful recently. My business has grown and grossed more money than ever. I have higher net profits, and a strong vision for my goals and why I’m doing this.

However, I feel like I take a big step forward…then I take a step back. I end up with a “net” forward, but not as much as I’d like.

Why do I self-sabotage after doing really well?


Neagle Code Answer

Hi Anna,

Thanks for the question!

You have what’s called a “financial set point.”

We all have an internal compass that dictates how much money or success we’re allowed to have. It’s set at a certain level (based on our programming), and once we go past that level… it gets stuck.

That’s when you find yourself “taking a step back.”

To break through this, you must first understand what’s actually taking place in your mind.

Let’s say you start making a lot of money — far more than what you were programmed to make.

Your financial set point immediately kicks in.

Once your brain senses that you’re making more money… it runs away from that, because it thinks it’s not safe. (It’s unknown.)

Our mind hits this place where it goes, “You’re OK here. You can back off from whatever you were doing.” And you take your foot off the gas.

It will cause you to “not feel like doing the work today.”

It will cause you to “get depressed.” (Or sick. Or tired.)

It will create some kind of “extenuating circumstance” in your life — anything to knock you off the disciplined routine you have for earning.

Your internal financial “governor” is literally controlling your behavior.

It will bring you right back to wherever your “financial set point” is.

Before you know it, you’ve dropped back down, and it takes all your energy to get it back up. You get exhausted. It drops back even further. We go through this cycle our entire life… without realizing what’s going on.

(That’s why you’ll have one month where you make “the most money you’ve ever made before”… followed by a $0 month or several low months.)

In these moments, ask yourself, “Why I am taking my foot off the gas?”

The way to break through it is to keep going, no matter what.

Keep your eye on your goal.

You have to make an agreement with yourself that you’ll keep going — keep doing the actions needed to bring in the money — so that you can have a breakthrough.

The whole idea is that you never stop. You continually break through and take action to move you forward.

By doing this, you’re reprogramming your mind to believe there’s an abundance.

If you do this, then you’ll break through it forever.

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