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[8 Steps To A Live Presentation That Sells Series] Article #20 ~ How to Get That Gig


Even if you’ve never done any public speaking before, you can get booked right away. Many smaller, community organizations are hungry for speakers.

You may not be able to sell in the back of the room, but if you follow the advice in my last article, you can still turn a healthy profit, by getting the contact information of the attendees and selling to them later.

Where to Get Booked NOW

Believe it or not, religious groups are often looking for people to speak. My mentor Bob Proctor and I frequently used to speak at Unity Church. Other groups that often need speakers include: children and family organizations, charities, colleges and universities, art associations, and business and professional associations such as Police Officer Association, Association of Retired Businessmen, etc. Also check with community centers, learning annexes, fraternal organizations, garden clubs, and health organizations. Corporations are also a source as they sometimes have special-interest groups or vendor days, where they bring people in to speak.

Your Topic May Have Broad Appeal

When you’re considering whether an organization might be a good fit, don’t sell yourself short. Your topic may have a broader appeal than you realize.

While you probably wouldn’t want to tell a corporation’s audience that they should leave their jobs, you could talk to many other groups about the benefits of being an entrepreneur. And any of the groups above could be interested in your talk on health, finances, family concerns, relationships, etc.

How to Get Booked

Once you find a group where you want to speak, call the event coordinator, ask if they need speakers, and then pitch your talk. If you’re splitting back-of-the-room sales with the host, be sure to tout your sales stats. Your personal relationship with the event coordinator or producer is your most important asset. And with smaller groups it might be all you need to get yourself booked.

What About Video?

Some venues, namely, the larger ones, will want to see you in action. So I recommend that you have a three-to-four-minute video of yourself, showing your ability to communicate an inspired concept to an audience. Ideally, this video would be shot at a live speaking gig, but if you’re trying to secure your first opportunity, it can be shot in front of a clean whiteboard (which you can also use to help demonstrate your concept). Having this video professionally produced, of course, is ideal; however, if you really can’t afford that, at least make sure that you have good lighting (bright enough, no shadows), a steady image, and super clear audio.

Remember, if you want to look like a professional, you have to present yourself that way.

What Really Counts

On the other hand, don’t be daunted by the video, because, as I said, your personal relationship with the coordinator trumps all. If you’ve got passion and enthusiasm for your topic; if you express yourself articulately; if you can sell, you can get yourself booked. It’s not difficult to do. You just need to do the legwork, show you’ve got the right stuff, and then you can start lining up the events.

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