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How to Overcome Objections in Sales Calls

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This week’s question from our portal “Ask Us Anything” comes from Jordan.

Can you clarify what you mean when you say that “Objections during sales calls reveal your own internal sales barriers”? Does this mean that if you’re getting an objection from a potential client, it’s because YOU would have the same objection? If so, can you give examples?

Yes, that’s exactly it.

If you’re seeing a pattern of the same objections coming up during your sales calls… it’s actually a reflection of something in your own belief system.

For example, if you value saving money and cutting coupons over getting a desired result or outcome—you’ll mostly likely attract potential clients who value the same thing. So, they won’t be willing to spend a lot of money on your product or service. They’ll try to get it at a discount, or they won’t buy at all.

Here are some examples of common objections to illustrate this. Each one of these tells me something about YOU (or what you did or didn’t do during the sales call):

“I can’t afford it.” —> You didn’t communicate the value of your product or service to the other person.

“I’ll think about it.” —> You didn’t find their reason to buy and you didn’t answer all of their questions.

“The cost is more than I expected.” —> They’re more concerned with saving money than with the value or the outcome of your product or service.

“I’m already spending a lot of money.” —> (Same as above.)

“Too expensive.” —> (Same as above.)

“Waiting until after the holiday.” —> You didn’t find their urgency to buy.

These problems are not their problems; these are YOUR problems.

The quickest way to transform this is to ask yourself: “Where do I use the exact same excuse or objection in my own life?”

These objections are a reflection of your own belief system. They indicate what you believe, your confidence level, your sense of adventure, where you’re having trouble in your communication, your ability to dig in and ask questions and not accept these shells of excuses that the person is putting up.

You must be willing to “punch” through these things in a way where you can get to the core idea of what the person really wants, and see if you can find their urgency at the same time.

This doesn’t mean you’ll get every sale… but it starts with you changing where you’re using the same excuses in your own life.

I guarantee you, whatever excuses you’re hearing during your sales calls—you are making them in your own life somewhere.

You can’t break through the other person’s excuses
if you’re using the same excuses in your own life.

Why? Because you’re not coming from a place of belief, confidence, or integrity during the sales call.

You won’t come from a place of compassion either. A sales call should be about having the compassion to understand where someone is in their journey, because you’ve been there too—and helping them walk through making an uncomfortable decision that could change their life.

But when your internal guidance system is siding with their excuse, you have no integrity in what you’re doing.

Start to look at where these excuses or objections are occurring inside of you, and begin to change those within yourself. This will help you understand other people and become better at sales.


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