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I Feel Guilty for Focusing on “1 Thing”

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This week’s question from our portal “Ask Us Anything” comes from Liz.

While I was journaling, I wrote about having just ONE thing to do. And I found myself saying, “What a relief. There’s only one thing I have to focus on in my business.”

After that relief came, I started feeling like there’s something wrong with this picture. Now I feel guilty that there’s only this one thing. I’ve been trying to figure out… where is this guilt coming from? I’m an accomplished person. I’ve gotten a lot done in my life. I don’t just sit on my couch all day. So, it’s a very strange feeling to have this one thing—this one action—to focus on. Do you have any advice for how to let go of this feeling?

That says a lot about what you learned, as far what it should take to get a result.

Most people I’ve come across, including myself, were taught that it’s difficult to make a lot of money… and if we make a lot of money easily, it’s like we’re doing something wrong. There’s this weird feeling inside like, “It shouldn’t be this easy. I’ve done something wrong.”

I can’t tell you how many people have told me the same thing when they started to make a lot of money… especially when they found out they could actually make MORE by doing less, not by working harder.

They were going against an ethic they were taught—that it’s supposed to be difficult. And if it’s difficult to make a little bit, it should be way more difficult to make a lot.

But it’s actually the reverse.

It’s easier to make more money than it is to make a little bit of money.

When you’re focusing on “the one thing”—it’s literally going against everything you’ve been doing in order to get a result.

You’re getting the result easier, with less effort.

You’re not doing anything wrong. It’s a really insidious thought, to think you’re doing something wrong by focusing on less. But it goes away. And then you’re able to enjoy the results that you’ve created.

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