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I Have This Desire, But Can’t Justify the Price Tag

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This week’s question from our portal “Ask Us Anything” comes from someone who wishes to remain anonymous.

I’m a little embarrassed to say, I’ve been eyeballing your TEM program (The Elite Mind) for over two years now. It sounds amazing, and I’ve read every word of your sales page and every email promoting it. I want the results your clients have had…. but I can’t get myself to sign up, simply due to the price tag.

My inner voice is telling me to join. I feel like it would change my life. But I literally can’t justify the price—and even if I could, I’m not sure how I would pay for it anyway (other than going into debt). Can you give me some objective advice here?

I would be happy to. And I completely understand where you’re coming from because I used to think the same way.

One of the things that can help you break through this is a universal law called the Law of Polarity.

The Law of Polarity states that everything in the universe exists as a whole. There are no “halves” in the universe. Everything has an opposite, and it’s equal and opposite. For example…

You can’t have light without dark.

You can’t have an up without a down.

You can’t have the back side of something without the front side of something.

You can’t have a problem without the solution also being present in the same space, at the same time.

The same is true for your desire.

You can’t have a desire without the way to fulfill that desire also being present in your life, right now.

When the desire is present, the way to fulfill it is already here.

The fact that your inner voice is calling you to join the program, is a sign that joining it would be an opportunity for you to move closer to what you want out of life. You wouldn’t want it, and you wouldn’t be thinking about it, if this wasn’t the case.

But you have to step into that opportunity by making a decision.

My mentor, Bob Proctor, used to say, “You don’t need the money until AFTER you make a decision.”

You don’t need the money to pay for a program until AFTER you’ve decided to join it.

Also, every time you repeat a statement to yourself, you affirm it to be true in your own mind.

Your subconscious mind responds to all the inputs you’re giving it; so if you consistently tell yourself, “I don’t have enough money to do this,” then it will make that statement more and more true in your life. The evidence that you “don’t have the money” will pile up.

Stop telling yourself that you don’t have the money.

(“Stop saying that,” as my mentor used to tell me.)

Instead of focusing on lack (and what you DON’T have), I would encourage you to shift your focus to all the ways that you CAN pay for the things you want.

Start saying the opposite of what you’ve been saying. Start focusing on the opposite side of the Law of Polarity—and look for how you CAN pay for the program.

Start telling yourself with conviction, “The money is here; the money HAS to be here—because when the desire is present, the way to fulfill it is also present.”

Once you do this consistently, your subconscious mind will begin looking for ways to find the money that are already present in your life.

If you have a desire for something, then the way to fulfill that desire has to be here. It’s a universal law. You’re just not seeing it yet, because you haven’t made a true decision yet.

If you really want to be a part of the program we’re happy to help you figure out the “how”. Sometimes you need an outside perspective to help you see past the blindspots keeping you stuck. Simply reach out to my team at support@davidneagle.com and we’ll be happy to help!


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