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I Keep Attracting Clients Who Don’t Follow Through


This week’s question from our portal “Ask Us Anything” comes from Leeanna.

I just realized I have a hard time getting clients who aren’t Spanish speakers for some reason. I feel like I have more confidence talking with Spanish speakers—but at the same time, they’re the ones who don’t follow through on things (unlike other clients).

What is causing this? Is my perception causing me to keep attracting Spanish speakers? It seems like my mindset is locked into thinking that Spanish speakers won’t follow through.

The problem isn’t that people who speak Spanish don’t follow through. It’s that you’re focusing on the wrong people who speak Spanish that don’t follow through.

People can lack follow-through regardless of what language they speak—whether it’s English, French, German, Haitian, or any other language on the planet. The language isn’t the problem.

You probably do feel more comfortable talking to people who speak Spanish, but it’s not the language causing that sense of comfort—it’s the person that you feel confident talking to.

That’s where you’ve got to raise your standards. You do this by identifying your ideal client.

If you can speak more than one language and you can do business with people in multiple languages—great.

But focus on the actual person. Who is this client? What do they want? What is their ability to pay? What is their ability to follow through with something?

Those are the main things to focus on, regardless of what language they speak.

Your mind is not “locked into” anything. Stop saying that. You have to speak about what you want to create, not what you don’t want to create.

Your mindset is never locked into anything.

The greatest power you all have is your ability to choose. You have to exercise that power. You have to become conscious of it.

You see, everyone uses their ability to choose every day, but they do it in such an unconscious way—they don’t realize the power of it.

When you grab the ability to choose by the neck, point it in the direction you want to go, and consciously use it day in and day out—you recreate your entire life, because it’s the choice that makes all the difference.

It’s like you’re saying:

  • “I’m choosing to follow this thought versus that thought.”
  • “I’m choosing to speak positively versus negatively.”
  • “I’m choosing to talk to people proactively versus walking away from them in a reactive state.”
  • “I’m choosing to up-level the individuals I want to seek out, versus talking to someone who’s easier to talk to, but who’s not my ideal client”

It’s all about your choice.

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