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I’m Consistent, But Is My Action Too Small?

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This week’s question from our portal “Ask Us Anything” comes from Christine.

I have a question about keeping my commitment daily. Since I started TEM90, I’ve been excellent at this, which is good for me. However, I think it’s because my daily task—the thing I’m committing to—is so small, so stupid, that if I can’t commit to that, I’ve got really big issues. So on the one hand, I’m very glad that I’ve been very consistent about it. The task I’m choosing is in line with my big goal. But it’s just really tiny.

Should it be bigger? What’s more important?—staying consistent and keeping the action small and manageable? Or, should I try to stretch myself?

No, I think what you’re doing is right on track.

It doesn’t matter how big the action is—
if you won’t be consistent, you’ll never do it.

That’s the problem for most people. They can’t get themselves to do it. The idea is to shrink it down to something you’re willing to commit to.

As you commit to it over time, you slightly start to increase it—because you’re building momentum, you’re building strength, you’re building trust in yourself. And then you’re able to take on more and more and more.

This is literally the fastest way to get there, and it’s also the biggest problem people have with success. They can’t get themselves to do what’s necessary.

So, taking on a bigger goal is never the answer.

It’s more important to spend 15 minutes on that thing each day and stay with it until you feel solid about it.

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