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Is desire enough?


This week’s question from my portal The Neagle Code: Directions for Life comes from an individual who wishes to remain anonymous.


Through law of attraction coaching, I’ve discovered some key beliefs about feeling that life is hard – and that you have to work to deserve anything you get. Is this what is in the way with regards to my resistance to receiving/allowing? I find myself not wanting to trust in receiving so as to not be disappointed later.


This question can be answered by looking at the Truths found in the exact law you mentioned in your question, The Law of Attraction. What most people don’t realize is that this Law has TWO important components. One is “desire” and the other is “expectation”.

You see, desire without expectation is useless wishing or dreaming, and wastes mental energy.

According to Raymond Holliwell, in his book, Working with the Law, desire and expectation are mental attitudes that represent lines of attractive force. Desire embraces a positive process of attraction. The Law states that you cannot long or yearn for something unless it already exists, and “desire” is the motive power for calling it forth.

So, let’s look at how this works with your situation. You desire something, but have a belief that you can’t have what you want unless you work hard or you’ve “paid your dues”. This belief gets in the way of the second step to the Law of Attraction, expectation. You desire something, but you don’t really expect to receive it because it’s not in line with your belief that life has to be hard.

A perfect example of what you’re experiencing again comes from Raymond Holliwell. He states, “Expectation is an active form of attention with intensity. It may be likened to the actions of a cat that waits patiently at the mouse hole. The cat expects to catch his prize at any moment; he expects to get the mouse because he believes he will get it eventually. If the cat did not believe and expect to catch the mouse, his interest and attention would lack intensity, and his energies would not be called forth. When you believe in the probability of success in your undertaking, you experience an intense interest in your work. This interest is strengthened with expectation and anticipation.”

Unfortunately, I see the opposite of this example with many entrepreneurs.

They desire financial success, to leave a legacy, to build a strong and reputable business, so they build a website, hire a team, learn from the best how to market, brand, and sell; but either consciously or subconsciously, they have a belief that they are not worthy to receive, that life must be hard, or that they will have to give up something dear to them to receive.

This results in paralysis.

They know what they NEED to do, but they can’t seem to make themselves do it, or if they do go through the motions, they lack the intensity of expectation, and they’re results fall short of what they desired.

This is a perfect example of a breakdown in manifestation. They, like you, have a desire, but they don’t truly expect the results.

You must reframe your beliefs about receiving to truly EXPECT the results you DESIRE.

“Just Believe”,

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