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Is There a Problem with My Leads, My Sales Calls, or My Mindset?

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This week’s question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from someone who wishes to remain anonymous.

I’m going through a major sales slump. Normally I sell 25% of the time—or 50% if it’s a high-quality lead. I’ve had 20 leads and not one sale. These people seem price-conscious, saying, “I’ve never spent that much money before.” So, the leads may not be as high quality. Higher-net-worth individuals seem more likely to sign up with me than middle class or those with a job.

How do I determine if this is a problem with my leads, my mindset, or something  else? I’m starting to feel anxious.

First of all, never let an outside circumstance affect you emotionally. Otherwise, it starts controlling you.

Secondly, you shouldn’t ever have slow periods. You have to think resourcefully every time you have a problem.

Based on your knowledge and expertise, ask yourself, “Is there an issue with these 20 leads?” Be honest with yourself about the answer.

The longer you’re in business, the more you understand the quality of different things you have to put in place to generate leads.

If there’s a problem with the leads—figure out why you have that problem, and fix it so it doesn’t happen again. Do you need to hire a new digital marketing company or copywriter?

Make sure you understand what qualifies someone to be a high-quality lead or not.

If there’s no difference in the leads and you’re not making any sales—then something got in your head.

Regarding “price-conscious” leads…nobody’s price conscious.

It’s all about urgency and what they value.

Nobody cares about price. If that’s what they’re communicating to you, it’s because they don’t know how to communicate anything else.

If you keep hearing price objections, understand that that’s your belief. That’s the meaning you’re giving to it.

Higher net-worth individuals understand what they value in life, and they’re willing to pay for more value.

People who are price conscious don’t value the right things in life. They value the fear of making a mistake, insecurity, lack of faith, or what other people think about them.

On a sales call, you have to get the person to see the actual value of working with you or purchasing from you. You have to be really clear on what that value is, and how it will affect their life.

Figure out, what do they want? What’s their desire or need that’s close to their heart? Not the surface answer, but the real need. Stay with that question until you find out what they emotionally want.

Then ask, “What happens if you don’t buy this?” No matter what it is, there’s a consequence if they don’t buy. The size of that consequence will determine the urgency of the purchase.

If the urgency is there, the value is there.

When someone says they don’t have enough money, time, or they have to check with their spouse—it’s because you didn’t find the right urgency in your questioning.

Dig to find the urgency. Don’t move from one question to another in the sales conversation until you’re damn certain they’re giving you an honest answer.


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