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Is Your Work Worthy of You?


What is the real trade you make for the work you do?  It’s pretty obvious we are trading our time and our talents in exchange for money when we are employed by a company.

But do we ever consider the real trade being made? You might be be saying to yourself, “What else am I trading?” Do you realize every second of every day you spend working is time gone forever? You never get that time back – you have traded the only life you have for it.

Now I realize most of the world has bought in to the idea we need to work and I agree.  It is necessary for people to earn money to maintain the standard of living of their choice.  But do you realize how many people are working just for the money?  In many cases, they don’t like what they do and they don’t particularly like the people they work with either.

Ask yourself this important question: “If it was not for the money, would I continue to do what I am doing? If your answer is “YES!” then you probably love your work.  But if your answer is “NO” then  you should start to give some serious consideration to what you would love to do.

I believe that our personal work should always bring us great satisfaction.  If you love your work you give the best of yourself and it shows.  You can create a worth while product or service that will truly benefit humanity.  Have you ever noticed how all of the talents human beings possess benefit others?

If you love your work every day becomes an absolute joy.  It’s true – you will still have some problems and challenges.  Those are good because those challenges cause us to grow.  Without challenges everything would pretty much stay the same and the world would be a very boring place to live.

Take some time to explore the idea of what you would love to do.  Don’t spend one second thinking of why you can’t do it – just let yourself begin to dream again.  I believe every person has something special deep inside that they would love to do with their life, and they were either never taught to explore that side of their soul or somebody squashed it in the past.  Maybe the fear of failure has stopped you from pursuing your dream? Maybe the fear of what others would think about your dream has stopped you?  Realize this – you are an incredible person and the very fact that you can dream of doing something is verification you can do it.

You would not be able to conceive of an idea if it were not possible – this is the great secret of success!

You might think to yourself, “How can you say that?  You don’t even know me?” You’re right – I don’t know you, but I know what created you, and you were given UNLIMITED potential.  Because you have such awesome potential, wouldn’t it seem a bit more logical the world you choose should be worthy of you?  I think it should.

Many people have had past experiences that have created emotional blocks, which makes it difficult for a person to dream or succeed.  These blocks can be removed so you can achieve greater and greater success.  Your life can (and should be) the wonderful masterpiece it was created to be, however you must believe it can be that way.

Make sure everything you do is worthy of YOU!!

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