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Letting Your Parents’ Beliefs Affect Your Bank Account?


This week’s question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from Mark. 

Neagle Code Question

Hi David,

My father really abandoned the idea of wealth. His message was that money is not needed or the thing to work towards. What can I do to overcome that programming around money that’s now in my subconscious? I really want to break through this.

Neagle Code Answer

Hi Mark and thanks for the great question!

You know, it’s not about breaking through anything.

It’s about you understanding why you feel a need to be obedient to your father’s rule in life because that’s what’s controlling your results.

It’s not uncommon because we’re basically raised to be obedient to our parents.

Somewhere along the line, it became painful to do something different than how your father saw life.

He still has authority in your mind over the way he thinks life should be lived, and you’re being obedient to that authority.

Once you understand WHY you feel the need to be obedient, you can push through to form and follow your own beliefs.

Ask yourself this: How is it serving you to stay obedient to your father’s beliefs? What do you hope to gain from being the obedient son?

This is your life. You can live it how YOU want to live it.

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