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Thinking like the Middle Class?


Thinking like the Middle Class?

Most of the world is governed by a “middle class mindset.”

It’s a mindset that creates a value conflict between where you are and where you want to go.

If you were to interview people who were raised middle-class (e.g., working class)…and compare their value system to those of some of the top entrepreneurs in the world, you’d find that they’re vastly different. They’re almost polar opposites of each other.

What one person avoids doing to remain “safe” — the other person will do, and it will make them a multi-millionaire or a billionaire.

How does the middle class mindset stop us from reaching our goal or dream?

Here’s how it works: As we begin to move toward our goal…something interesting starts to happen:

Our subconscious mind sends up a red flag and says, “Wait a minute. Stop. It’s not okay for you to go in this direction.”

Why? Because our value system is in conflict with the direction we want to go.

…We don’t even realize this is going on.

Your subconscious mind does something extremely unique in order to get you to stop:

It literally begins to change the circumstances you’re facing each day…and it gets you to pull your focus AWAY from your goal, by creating “problems” and situations that seem to need your attention.

It’s a value system — based on the middle class mindset — that causes you to start paying more attention to those “problems” or circumstances…instead of keeping your focus on the goal.

This value conflict creates confusion…which leads to the “struggle” or congestion.

Everything begins to slow down or stop. If we’re not aware of what’s happening, we could abandon our goal.

People often ask me, “What do I do when something goes wrong? What do I do when the ‘flow’ seems to stop?”

One of the first things I’ll ask them is, “What are you resisting?”

If you’re in resistance, it’s often because you have a value conflict.

The conflict by itself causes us to go into resistance against what we want. Of course, whenever you have resistance, you don’t have flow.

That’s when people go into fear, doubt, and worry. From there, everything goes to hell in a hand basket…because all that person sees are the things they don’t want to see.

Are you focused on the goal or the “problems”?

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