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If I believe our natural resources are limited, can I also believe in abundance?


This week’s question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from Deb Kolb.


Hi David,

I’ve listened to some of your videos and am having a conflict with something that I’m hoping you can help me to see more clearly.

I am passionate about conserving our precious resources, which comes from a belief that the resources on our planet are finite. Everything I hear & read points in that direction. There certainly is plenty of evidence that our resources are finite.

I hear you talk about private jets, mansions, 5 star hotels and spending money in ways that seem totally irresponsible and frivolous, in the face of limited natural resources. From the finite resources viewpoint (which until now i have accepted as fact and not a viewpoint), it seems crazy to use our limited resources in that way. I conserve everything because of this viewpoint. I am definitely not living as though there is abundance, just the opposite.

Can you please help me to see what I cannot see about abundance? Are our natural resources really not finite?


Hi Deb and thanks for your question!

It is very interesting when you study the Universe because you begin to realize that some very basic truths run under everything. The Universe operates according to very exact Laws. We can only perceive our world to the degree that we are aware of these Laws thus the Laws never change, only our awareness of them.

We are programmed and guided through our life by our five senses; we see, hear, smell, taste and touch.  In a very real way we become handicapped by these senses because it becomes difficult for us to perceive and believe beyond what our senses tell us is true or real.

Because we are so lead by our physical senses we tend to form the opinion that anything beyond the physical isn’t substantial enough to be considered real or realistic. Only the physical that can be weighed and measured is what is most important to be considered when evaluating life, the resources we need to survive and thrive as a planet and species.

What we greatly tend to misunderstand is that everything is in a constant state of motion for the single purpose of life, and that nothing exists in our Universe outside that premise.  This is the concept that I begin all my teachings from.  Everything is for MORE LIFE.

This means that the Universe is abundant in knowledge and everything that is required for MORE LIFE to be possible.  By the Law of MORE LIFE it cannot contradict itself.  You cannot have two opposing truths in the Universe because they would cancel each other out and everything would cease to exist.

We have developed the belief, through time and lack of understanding of these great Laws, that we live in a limited Universe.  It’s difficult to perceive beyond what our senses tell us is true; however science will tell you that everything we perceive through our senses is only limited by the sense itself and not the thing we are perceiving.

If you come from a finite belief then that is what your experience of the world will be, which is very similar to a lack mindset. If you believe in lack and worry about lack, your experience will mirror that to you.

If you come from an infinite belief then that is what your experience of the world will be. This again is very similar to a belief in abundance. If you see abundance everywhere and know that you are not limited, your experience will mirror that to you in the same way and your life will be abundant.

There can’t be two opposing truths.

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