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Can you tell the difference: resistance vs persistence…


This week’s question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions
for Life”
comes from Chris.

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How do I know if I am resisting or persisting? I am not a quitter, but I have pretty much failed on everything I started after two or three years into the business or whatever project. So now I’m feeling that all the times I persisted on being, doing or having whatever it was I thought was worth persisting, I was actually resisting the change that needed to take place. Thank you! Much love! More life!

Neagle                                               Code Answer

Chris, this is a great question.

Resistance occurs when there is something that you don’t understand about yourself or the situation you are experiencing.

In order to identify when you are in resistance, you have to ask yourself, “What am I avoiding being, doing, or having?” If you are persisting in an area of your life as a way of avoiding another, you are in resistance.

If you created a solid business that provided a solution to a problem that people truly needed and wanted, then the only reason it would fail was if you were in resistance to doing whatever it took to make sales.

If you enter into every conversation with the intention to help someone else, you will no longer see yourself as a disruption or selfish but as someone being of service.

The subconscious mind often tries to be sneaky and make it look like you are not in resistance with the illusion of being “busy.” The problem is that as long as you are busy persisting in anything other than sales, you are in resistance.

Creating a business out of resistance is like building a house on the sand. It will always fail until you build a solid foundation inside yourself.

In order to stop resisting, you have to be willing to face whatever it is you are running from.

This is very important. You must be willing to look at the very thing that you are avoiding. It will more than likely show up as a fear.

Once you are willing to look at it and bring it into your awareness, then you can understand what’s really going on and change it.

The next step is to actually DO the thing that you have been resisting and to persist in facing your fear of it by continuously and consistently showing up!

This will give you the experience of being, doing and eventually having what you desire in your life.

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