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Not enough what?


Money?  people?  prospects?  sales? resources?  time?

Take a second and think about the last time you thought you did not have enough of something…

What was it?  Most people say money and time.

That is what it usually boils down to anyway.

Now we have all heard we live in an abundant universe, and many say they do believe it to be true, BUT then they turn and say they don’t have enough.

They begin to justify their statement by claiming, “It’s not the right time,”  “I’m not there yet,”  “God just doesn’t want me to do or have (fill in the blank)…”

If you talk with these people a year later, most of them will tell you the same sad story all over again.

Why do people choose to live a life of such limitation in such an abundant world?

The truth is they really believe more in the idea of lack and limitation than one of abundance.

They want to experience abundance before they actually do something to change their life.

It doesn’t work that way!  If you want a lesson in true abundance just take a look out your window!

If you even begin to contemplate nature and everything else the universe might contain, you have to come to the sobering conclusion that God did not create all of this on a budget!  Of course, considering the above statement would require one to really think, which is a topic for another discussion…

It is not enough to simple read about abundance.  One must begin to experience it, and the best way to have the experience is to continually mix with people who not only think this way – but live this way.

Let me share a secret with you…

You usually don’t have to go looking for like-minded people because they are looking for you.  You just don’t see them.


Because people come with opportunities for you, however their opportunity requires that you give what you are afraid to give up.  (Money, time, etc.)

The universe really is trying to give you what you say you want, BUT it can’t do it your way.

(After all, your way has taken you as far as you can go).

Your way has walls, but the universe has none. Your way has fear, but the universe has none. Your way is limited, but the universe is not.

You must realize that you cannot get anything without giving something.  I’m not referring to giving in return,
but rather giving FIRST.

Why not start by giving up the things in your life that are currently keeping you where you are?

Money, commitments, relationships, guilt, & memories are just a few things which have control over your thinking.

Begin to let them go, one by one, and you open the door to a whole new way of being and living!

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