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Nothing is working. What am I doing wrong?!


This week’s question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from an individual who wishes to remain anonymous.


Hi David. HELP! I know something isn’t working in my business. I feel like I’m doing everything I can, and nothing is happening. I’m not aware of a mindset block or any fears, and frustration is setting in. How can I part the fog and see what’s going on?


Great question but difficult to answer as I don’t know what your unique situation is.

So, let’s dig a little deeper here, and bring in the TRUTH …

TRUTH: We manifest everything in our lives. (Meaning: we are responsible for everything that “happens” in our lives.) From the spectacular, to the unfortunate, to the inconsequential.

So what you are experiencing is something you’ve created because it serves you in some way.

(The beauty about taking 100% responsibility for painting the full picture of your situation, is that by taking responsibility you’re no longer a victim to your situation, but instead have the power to change it in one or in all ways!)

Plus, know this: If you’re not receiving the results you desire, you’re likely creating through the filter of multiple subconscious toxic patterns that are working against your best efforts to CHANGE. And, I accept entirely that you may be completely unaware of the patterns, or of the toxicity, or both.

So, let me ask you some questions, and please sit with them and answer them honestly …

1. Is it possible that you’re playing small so as to not draw attention to yourself, or to “out shine” your friends or family?

2. Are you disorganized, creating distraction, or finding yourself reacting to your day rather than having a plan for your day?

3. Are you hiding bills or investments from your spouse or partner, especially money you are investing for the growth of your business because you’re afraid of rocking the boat?

4. Do you get sucked into negative family paradigms and feel yourself being pulled down?

5. Are you building this business because you’re 100% passionate about making profit doing what you love, or do you care more about serving & assisting others?

6. Do you avoid asking people to pay you, because it feels uncomfortable or wrong?

7. Do you believe that your loved ones support you 110% in your ability to succeed, or do you worry that sooner or later you’ll let them down, or that they’ll become angry with you?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, you have adopted toxic patterns that only serve to keep you exactly where you are.

The tough part about toxic patterns is that they are very hard to see for yourself. They may be habits that you’ve justified for years, and even created entire stories around. Most times, to release a toxic pattern you have to face something you’ve been trying to avoid for a long time … like being seen, being vulnerable, being a change agent, being the center of attention, or just simply being yourself.

It’s tough … and you’ll very likely need help & support to recognize which specific toxic patterns you’re repeating. But doing THIS WORK pays off in joy, abundance, peace, prosperity & freedom in spades!

Let me share with my belief that I first put into words for our “My Year To Break Free” virtual mentorship program; a program designed to open your eyes to the toxic patterns we’re discussing here. The quote is this:

“There is nothing more important in my life ~ or in my business ~ than my own personal growth as a human being. Truly, nothing is more important to me than shedding any piece of dysfunction that would hinder me from becoming the fullest representation of Spirit’s great intention for me.

So the next time a situation arises, stop and ask yourself the following question:

“Is this decision, situation or relationship helping me to BE MORE FREE and aligned with Spirit’s great intention for me, or is it causing me to BE held back in bondage?”

If you’re willing to take the congruent action, the truthful answer to this question will always set you free.

And remember: You can’t keep taking the same actions and expect different results. If you truly want to experience a shift, you must start making different decisions, followed by different actions. So, my strong recommendation is that you begin today by making the decision, and taking the steps, to get support uncovering the toxic patterns holding you back. My Year To Break Free is the perfect support & mentorship program for this exact, and our first live call in THIS COMING TUESDAY. I invite you to join me then.

“Just Believe”,®

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