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How to overcome “It’s a lot of money” objections


This week’s question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from Kylie J.

Neagle Code Question

David, HELP….I HATE asking people for the money! Over the last 30 days I’ve done a ton of discovery sessions and none have turned into committed clients yet, despite them all being interested and highly targeted, qualified leads. Prospects get all excited and then they balk at the price and say, “It’s A LOT of money!

I feel like I know how to convey value. I know what to say, but when people resist the price, I back off and tolerate the “Let me think about it and get back to you” response. I just don’t want to seem pushy! What should I do?

Neagle Code Answer

Fantastic question!

The true problem is that your fear of what someone is going to think of you is negatively affecting your ability to have a powerful sales conversation.

If you care more about how you are perceived than you do about helping people you won’t be aware of specific questions you can ask to overcome the “It’s a lot of money” objection.

If you weren’t afraid of being pushy, you would have responded to “It’s a lot of money” with “Compared to what?” instead of backing off and handing out your brochure.

You see, the “It’s a lot of money” answer is a conditioned response people use when faced with a decision that leads to their own growth. So you then have to ask them another question to see what the true objection is.

If you were to ask, “Compared to what?” you would be able to see how they are making their decision and allow you to redirect the conversation.

Step into being powerful and confident in your next sales conversation, and you will be amazed at the win-win conversation that will take place.

Always remember, “sales” is not doing something TO someone, it’s doing something FOR someone.



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