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Why fear is a powerful cue for growth


This week’s question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from Cindy L.

Neagle Code Question

Hello David,

I am at a point of stepping forward within my work as a therapist, and have already been invited to present at a couple of conferences, which offer great networking opportunities. What I have noticed with this clarity of how to move forward, is my utter terror about presenting and promoting myself and what I do, with clear intention to step up and move forward……WHY?

Thank you for any help with this.

Neagle Code Answer

Hi Cindy and thanks for your question!

The answer to your question is both simple and complicated…let me explain.

The primary reason you are feeling terror is because your sub-conscious mind views any growth as risk.

You see, your sub-conscious mind is your feeling mind and it uses those feelings to attempt t keep you exactly where you are.


Because keeping you where you are means that you are “safe”.

What you’re about to do requires growth on your part. It requires you to step out and experience things you have never experienced before, and your sub-conscious senses that “risk”.

Speaking on stage opens you up to judgment and vulnerability, which again, your sub-conscious perceives as “risk”.

Always remember…Spirit does not speak to you through fear.

So every time you feel that terror, recognize that it’s your sub-conscious mind trying to keep you from moving forward and KEEP GOING!

To help you better understand the fear you’re feeling you may want to take a deep look into your thoughts and beliefs.

Do you have a fear of being seen? A fear of judgment? A fear of looking foolish?

Doing some introspective thinking may shine some light on what is giving your sub-conscious the power it has to cause you to feel that terror.

However, regardless, you must keep moving forward…that’s the only way through the fear to your success.

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