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Red flag: Signs a prospect won’t make a good client


This week’s question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from someone who wishes to remain anonymous.

Neagle Code Question

Hi David, I just purchased your Compassionate Conversion Flowchart, and I really love it and the audio training.

I was wondering if, during a conversation with a potential client, there are any red flags that would signal to you that this person would not make a good client, and that if they worked with you, they would not get the results they say they want. I have had calls with people so mired down in their problems that the only thing they “want” is a negative – they just want the problem to not exist but they can’t see a vision for the possibility of their life without the problem.

Are there certain types of people that just wouldn’t make good coaching clients? How do you spot them? And is it “OK” to wish them well and let them go?

Or is this some issue with me being unable to pull a bigger vision out of them?

Thanks, David! Xoxo

Neagle Code Answer

Hi and thanks for your GREAT question!

You know, I’ve been saying for years that people have the right to be as happy as they want to be or as miserable as they want to be.

You shouldn’t have to “pull” a bigger vision from anyone.

And a rule that I live by is if you have to drag someone into a program, you’ll have to drag them around. That’s not enjoyable for either party.

All this being said, there are some red flags to alert you that a prospect may not be a good fit for coaching.

1) Have they demonstrated a willingness to change? (You want a yes here.) In your conversation you should be able to identify their sense of urgency or their reason for wanting to change, and you should be looking for things they have already started doing to begin to change.

2) Do they take responsibility for their life and circumstances? (You want a yes here.) Generally someone who does not take responsibility for everything in their life is not coachable, and if you take them on as a client, you’ll be the next person blamed for their situation.

Always remember, that you’re looking for people who WANT to change…not for people who find significance in drama and despair.

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