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Should I stop when things get difficult?


This week’s question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from someone who wishes to remain anonymous.

Neagle Code Question

Hi David!

I recently heard a pretty well known speaker in this industry say that if something is too difficult, it’s the Universe telling you that you’re doing the wrong thing.

I’m pretty sure you disagree with that, but I would like to hear in your words how you inspire your clients to overcome this particular block when so many “gurus” out there are convincing people to stop when things get tough.

Neagle Code Answer

You’re correct…I completely disagree.

Unfortunately people who stop when things get difficult miss out on the experience of growth.

You see difficulty is only a perception.

Let me make a distinction here.

I’m not talking about difficulty in a physical sense. Let’s be honest, lifting a freight train with your bare hands WOULD be difficult.

I’m talking about the feeling of difficulty. Or better yet, the “excuse” of difficulty.

So let’s play with a scenario.

Bob really wants to create a flourishing coaching business. His friends have always told him that he’s a great listener and he’s helped many people see their goals to completion.

Bob has his website up, he blogs regularly, and he’s all set to fill up his calendar with clients.

Except Bob doesn’t have any clients.

To have clients, Bob would need to get out from behind his computer and talk to people.

He hasn’t done this because approaching and talking to people is difficult for him.

If he were to stop here, he wouldn’t grow his business, and he’d probably end up taking a part-time job to pay his bills.

The truth is that talking to people is not difficult. It doesn’t take a great deal of physical strength to shake someone’s hand and introduce yourself.

But to Bob it’s difficult because he’s in fear. It’s difficult because of what’s going on between his two ears.

Underneath it all, Bob is terrified to meet new people because he’s afraid of being judged by them. He’s afraid they’ll think he’s salesy and they’ll reject him.

And what he doesn’t understand is that the door to his success lies in stepping through that fear so he can create a new experience and reprogram those old beliefs.

So whenever you feel resistance to anything in your life, ask yourself:


And then do it any way, because fear is a lie and the truth will set you free.

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