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[8 Steps To A Live Presentation That Sells Series] Article #8 ~ Transition to Your Powerful Story


If the devil’s in the details, Step 5 of my formula for a live presentation that sells is a classic example. It may seem like a small point, but ignoring it could cost you thousands in sales.

Step 5: A Smooth Transition
After you’ve established with testimonials and case studies that you’re worth your audience’s attention, you want to keep that attention by making a smooth transition to your story.

For instance, if I had just told the audience how my client Elaine made $96,000 in 18 days, I might then say:

“I know that a lot of you may be thinking to yourself, ‘How can I do what Elaine did? How can I make a lot of money in a short period of time?’

“The answer to that question eluded me for most of my life. In fact, when I first started out, I was sick, broke and had a terrible attitude.”

Then, I start telling my story.

If your transition is absent or disjointed, the audience may get confused. Then their minds may start wandering to what they’re going to have for dinner, and you could lose them for good.

If your transition is smooth, however, you keep all of their attention riveted on you as you move into your story.

Step 6: Your Inspiring Story
Every one of us has a story of how we came to be where we are. If you’re speaking for the purpose of sales, that inspiring, rags-to-riches story is central to your presentation.

Your story may literally be rags to riches. Perhaps you grew up in poverty or were homeless for a period of time. Maybe you lived next door to a drug dealer like I did. Or, maybe for decades, you couldn’t get a date to save your life.

You went through a difficult time, and then figured out how to get out of it, and today you have the riches to show for it. You have a thriving business or a great partner or whatever is relevant for what you’re teaching and selling that day.

People Hear with Their Emotions
Whatever your story, it must come from your heart and be emotional. If you tell your story honestly and dig deep inside, you’ll start to feel the emotions you were going through at the time.

Let yourself express those emotions on the stage. Sometimes I cry. Sometimes I pound the podium.

That’s actually very powerful because emotions resonate with the audience. They’ll feel them too and make a real connection with you.

That’s why speaking is such an effective way to make sales. People listen with their ears, but they hear with their emotions..

In fact, unless they’re emotionally invested in what you’re doing, you’re not going to sell them a damn thing.

They’ll just sit there, rationalizing away their genuine need for your program.

But if you get them emotionally involved, they’re much more likely to buy.

In fact, they’re very likely to buy. As I’ve said, 30% of the people in my audiences buy what I’m selling.

And if you transition smoothly to your powerfully told story, the same could be true for you.

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