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This week’s question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from someone who wishes to remain anonymous.

Neagle Code Question


When people ask me what I want, I find myself stumbling with the answer to that question as if I might answer it wrong. However, I do know a few things… I know I want a bigger home. I know I want to be debt free. I know I want to travel and give my kids some amazing experiences, but I can’t seem to bring in the money I think I need to have and do all those things. So part of me wonders why, if I’ve wanted these things for so long, haven’t they happened yet? Can you help me understand what’s going on here?

Neagle Code Answer

Sure! Let’s do a quick check in 3 different areas that affect your ability to manifest what you want.

Any time that you’re choosing something that you want in life, whether you’re writing affirmations, a mission statement, creating a vision board, setting goals or intentions, you need to get a very clear idea of what it is that you want, and write it down in the present tense, as though you already have it.

For example, “I want to buy a beautiful house in the country” becomes “I am buying a beautiful house in the country.”

Once your thought is clear, you need to make sure that your emotions are as well.

Look at your written goal or desire and ask yourself, “Do I believe that I can get or have that thing I want?”

If your desire is more of a fairy tale that you would love to have, but don’t really believe you’re going to get, you need to throw that paper away and start again with, “What do I really believe I can get?”

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If you don’t believe you can have what you want, Spirit doesn’t believe it either.

And since Spirit works deductively, it can only send back to you in manifest form what you actually believe.

And finally, look at the goal you wrote down and ask yourself: “Is this just something that I think I can accomplish, or is it something that I really want? Does it stir my soul and inspire me?”

When I first started doing goal setting for myself, I made the mistake that most people do. I started picking things that I thought I could accomplish, which was really based out of past experience and not what I really wanted in my heart, not something that excited me or gave me any kind of vision for my future.

Therefore nothing changed. The energy behind the picture was of the past, so nothing changed.

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As you can see, there’s a very delicate balance that must take place in order for you to work what most people would consider miracles into your life.

Your desire can’t be too much in your past, and it can’t be too far into your future either. It needs to help you grow while remaining within your belief system.

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