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Is the Law of More Life working in your life right now?


This week’s question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from Lisa S.

Neagle Code Question

Hi David,

In a previous blog I saw you mention The Law of More Life and how it pertains to struggle in our life. Can you explain this a little more in-depth. I think I’m finally beginning to understand, and I’d love a little more info on this Law.

Neagle Code Answer

I’d be happy to, Lisa!

The Law of More Life states that any being or anything that does not add to another’s life, or to life as a whole, is reduced to its basic form.

We see this in nature when the seasons change. During the summertime leaves are providing a vital resource to our planet by turning carbon dioxide into oxygen on a continuous basis.

When the weather starts to cool and the days shorten, the trees begin to go dormant, and that leaf can no longer perform that function; so it crumbles, dies and falls to the ground, where its decomposition becomes part of the process all over again by revitalizing the soil.

Human beings do not escape this law.

If we don’t add to the life of others, and to life itself, we’re actually taking from life, and we will be broken down as well.

This can be as natural as when an old person at the end of a good life dies in her sleep.

Well-meaning people can fall into disharmony with this law as well.

They have confusion in their life. They may have lack, debt, broken relationships.

Tenuous situations like those strike at a person’s inner core of safety and security, and without meaning harm to anyone, they can start to come from a “getting” or “taking” place.

So, rather than adding to the lives of the people around them, they start taking from those lives, and they become subject to The Law of More Life.

Hope that helps!!



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