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Success comes from personal contact …


Here is this week’s question from my portal The Neagle Code: Directions for Life“. The individual who sent in this question wished to remain anonymous.


I have niched into a specific business market for my coaching services and now write weekly blog posts on my site. I am submitting articles, blogging, social media (3), and have joined one of their organizations. And it is just HARD after 5 months….Why is it so hard to get coaching clients? My difficulties seem to be with likability within my target. Maybe I just have not found enough of them. Not sure.


Here is a perfect example of how the combination of mindset and marketing are crucial for your business.

First, I want you to stop saying that it’s too hard to get clients. It’s not the truth. It’s as easy as having a conversation with someone in line at the grocery store.

Remember, you can’t have a desire without the means to fulfill that desire already present.

How many real conversations are you having with people every day about what you do?

How comfortable are you selling your coaching?

Are you hiding behind your computer?

Second, I want you to take a really good look at your target market and answer the following questions… (Hint: This is helpful for EVERYONE in business)

Form a picture of your ideal client in your mind. What is his or her name? (Don’t say it doesn’t matter, because it does.)

Part 1: How old is this person? What type of business are they in? Are they married? Do they have any children? What are their hobbies?

Know your ideal client right down to the color of their underwear.

Part 2: What are their “symptoms”? Why are they seeking your help? How are they feeling? What do they want?

Part 3: How can you help them? What will have been “fixed” by working with you?

Upon completion of this exercise, you’ll be able to very clearly see who you really want to work with, which will send a very clear message to the Universe. A large problem that I see with entrepreneurs is that they don’t want to exclude anyone in their marketing. This results in sending a fuzzy message to the Universe.

I get the distinct impression from your question that your perception has been that you’ll open your doors for business, use the on-line marketing strategies that everyone is teaching, and my ideal clients will rush in. You bought in to other people’s marketing message that building your business can be solely achieved from behind your computer.

If you take nothing else from this answer, remember this:

The key to success is personal contact especially in the early stages of the coaching business.

Attending entrepreneurial seminars, workshops and masterminds is crucial for you to meet other entrepreneurs, to learn about the success stories of others, and to foster possible joint venture relationships.

“Just Believe”,

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