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Distracted and afraid? How to build your business anyway


This week’s question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from someone who wishes to remain anonymous.

Neagle Code Question

Hi David!

I know what I have to do to grow my business and fulfill my purpose, but every time I get the courage to pick up the phone and reach out to someone, fear stops me and I end up allowing myself to get distracted. I don’t know what to do to overcome this. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Neagle Code Answer

First, let’s bring awareness to what’s really happening here.

Your subconscious mind does not understand time, and therefore does not see your lack of sales in this moment as a potential major catastrophe for your business in the near future. It only sees that you’re safe right where you are, and that’s exactly where it wants you to stay.

Every time you start to make a move outside of that paradigm, you will feel fear. You’ll begin to have thoughts of:

• What if they think I’m salesy?
• What if they think I’m pushy?
• What if I make a mistake and say the wrong thing?
• What if they reject me or hang up on me?
• What if I’m bothering them?

And you stop.

You don’t make the call or have the conversation, and you stay exactly where you are.

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I come from a place of bringing truth into a person’s life, so consider this:

Your purpose has safety automatically built into it.

Why would that be?

That means that you would have to be safe doing it, or there would be no purpose in more life, it’s one and the same.

So this fear that you feel is actually a lie designed to keep you small and safe.

And here’s the REAL kicker:


If you’re experiencing fear when you’re looking at moving towards your purpose, it is because that is in direct conflict with what you’ve been programmed with; the false need for safety.

Use your ability to choose.

Pick up that phone.

Have that conversation.

Step more fully into your purpose, and as you do this, the fear will subside.

After all, it’s only a lie…

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