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The Secret Land of Success…


Many people come knocking at its door but few ever enter.  The land of success does exist but it’s a funny thing trying to enter it.  I tried for many years, but nothing happened.

It’s as if the pull or the draw to the door of success is very seductive.  It lures you, coaxes and tempts you towards it.  It says, “Come and enter this new land that is waiting for YOU!  Just turn the knob and step in.”  It would be so easy, but as we get close to the door, uncertainty of what is really on the other side creeps in like a lurking shadow from a dark alley around your mind.  It takes on an imaginary perception.

There are rules for success (otherwise known as laws), and many who have entered this Secret Land have told others about the laws.  Without fail, many who desire to enter and hear the laws are not willing to follow them.  They often want to change those laws to fit their own uncertainties and twisted ideals of what success should require.

FACT: Success does not care what you think of its laws, & it is not going to change them any time soon.

You must be willing to embrace the laws or remain on the outside of this Secret Land called SUCCESS.

One of the first Truths of Success is that you must let go of the THINGS that you cling to the most.  We must release the things we find security in, such as money, time, poor relationships and false jobs.  Each person has a vast amount of success inside, something they could be sharing with the world that would give them great satisfaction.  Something that would enrich the lives of other human beings.  Each person includes YOU!

If you understand at all you have to admit that something is pulling at your heart.  There is something inside you that wants to come out – if only you would just let go!

Of course there are the many trappings of adult life that you have created that seem like real boundaries to your success.  These include the responsibilities you have created for yourself out of your own ignorance, however they are nothing but illusions that begin to disappear once you make a committed decision to move forward on your dream.

Actually the Land of Success and most of what it requires to enter it was with you at birth.

Real Secret: Most of what you have been taught about the world is nothing but lies and fables designed to control you (which up until now has worked pretty well).

There is a reason you are reading this…

There’s a very good reason it has come into your life at this time.  The question remains, “Do you grasp the reason why?   What have you put on hold?  What haven’t you explored?  What is deep in your heart?  Who do you really love?   Do you acknowledge these things in your life?”  You should because this thing called life is not a practice run.  You are in the real game.  You step forward and really play.  The door is in front of you – come on in, we’re waiting!

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