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Three Steps to Your Quantum Leap


I’ve been sharing with you some of the wisdom from Price Pritchett’s book, You2. Last time, I said that when you want to make a quantum leap, you have to quit trying harder.

More effort is not the answer.

If you want to completely change your outcome, you have to change your approach to the outcome. You have to shift gears, follow new patterns of thought and action.

Pritchett offers several strategies to help you make your own quantum leap. Here are three:

1. Ignore Conventional Approaches

Pritchett writes that we achieve conventional growth because we think along conventional lines. We make modest improvements because we’re not looking for anything more than that.

Quantum leaps require you to abandon the status quo, to ignore the usual.

I’ll be the first to admit that bucking convention is easier said than done. Unconventional approaches are going to bring to the surface any emotional issues or pain you may have around being unusual.

For example, you may fear being embarrassed or being considered “weird.” Perhaps, in addition, “big shots” were ridiculed in your family and neighborhood, so you fear losing love if you excel.

To counteract those fears, you have to recognize them when they come up for you, and then move through them. Take the action regardless of the fear. After you do that a couple of times, you’ll realize that your subconscious can scare you, but it doesn’t have to stop you.

You also have to become more solid in who you are. That way, your results won’t derail you either. If you fail, it’s okay. You’re not devastated by the failure because it doesn’t define you. And if you succeed, that’s okay too.

2. Get Ruthless About Doing Something Different

Pritchett writes that the you-squared approach requires an abrupt change in behavior. You have to get ruthless about trying something different. Look for a paradoxical move. Be illogical. Use finesse instead of effort.

For example, unlike the fly I told you about, if you’re banging your head against the glass, stop and look for an open door. If you’re pushing against the river, try going with the flow.

It’s crucial that you do something new. Faith in the familiar blinds you to better pathways. You may not know what that better pathway is yet, but as long as you rely upon what you’ve always done, you’re not going to find it.

However, if you break out of your rut, second-guess your routines, overcome the reliance upon your old methodologies, you will open yourself up to receive new, inspired ideas. And with those new ideas and actions can come the solution for your quantum leap.

3. Seek the Elegant Solution

While you’re experimenting, keep in mind that you’re seeking an elegant solution, an approach that is simple, precise, efficient and neat, less demanding of your energies and emotions. As Pritchett writes, it will be a deft move or a path of less resistance.

You really can accomplish more by doing less. But in order to do that, you have to think beyond what common sense would allow.

Do you recall my exercise from last time? I wanted you to ask yourself how you could accomplish ten times more in your business by doing less. What ideas did you come up with? Did you get discouraged because they seemed unrealistic? Or, did you trust, like I said, that if you have the idea, the way to do it will show up as well?

Go find your list and keep those ideas alive. Allow brilliance to strike. It may not come in the way that you expect, but it will come.

Solutions exist all around you. Open up your mind, experiment in your actions and let yourself leap.

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