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[5 Pillars of Influence Article Series] Article #7 ~ Two Final Keys to Positioning


From the time we are helpless newborns to the moment of our deaths, we need – and seek – help from other people.

In fact, one of the very first things we learn is how to determine if a person can help us or not, and, subconsciously, we never stop looking for that person who can help us advance.

If you understand that truth and position yourself as a person of influence who can help others, without even knowing why, prospects will be drawn to you.

So if you’re ready to become a magnet to your ideal clients, here are the two remaining keys to positioning.

1. Dress the Part

“When people walk into a room, without even thinking about it, they start judging the other people based upon what they observe.

If you’re dressed to impress at business or networking events, that first impression is likely to be that you are “different,” which, as I explained last time, is the first step to being seen as a person of influence.

Dressing the part affects you as well. You feel more confident and carry yourself more powerfully when your hair is done and, if you’re a woman and wear makeup, your makeup is professionally applied, and you have on great shoes. It’s the same for men.

Now, dressing the part doesn’t necessarily mean conforming to a corporate ideal. You have to be you.

Wear clothing that is appropriate to your niche or style, but that makes you stand out and brings out your best. Draw others’ eyes to you and be proud as they wonder, Who is that man or woman?

At Home Too.

You also want to dress the part while making sales calls from home. You may think that no one is going to see you, but you will feel the way that you’re dressed. As I’ve said, if you hope to influence others, you have to first influence yourself.

If you take the time and make the effort to dress well and then have that 10-minute conversation with yourself before you get on the line, you’ll likely be astounded by the difference in your results.

2. Bring an Assistant with You

Let’s say that you’re at a networking event and you look great. You’ve also taken my advice from the last article and polarized the conversation, and you have determined that the person you’re speaking to would be an ideal client.

After the prospect agrees to a follow-up phone conversation with you, the final key to positioning yourself is to have an assistant with you. Pass the prospect on to your assistant to put you in their calendar and vice versa, and free you to move on to the next person.

As your assistant handles the logistics and builds excitement about you and your work, the prospect will rightfully sense that everything is about to change.

Meanwhile, you are exactly where you want to be: perfectly positioned to influence that prospect to choose the life of his or her dreams.


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