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Where to focus when the unexpected sets you back


This week’s question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from someone who wishes to remain anonymous.

Neagle Code Question

I’m beginning to feel a bit jaded about my work… it seems like regardless of how hard I try, I always only have “enough.”

I really desire more for my life but it seems like every time I make some traction, I also have an unexpected expense (i.e. owing more in taxes, car trouble, family emergency, etc.), and then the next month I make less, and I’m back where I started. Is this a wealth ceiling problem? Can you help me see what’s going on here?

Neagle Code Answer

Hi, and thanks so much for your question!

Based on your question, I do not believe you have a “wealth ceiling” problem.

Looks to me like you may have a focus problem.

Here’s the truth:

You’ll ALWAYS have
unexpected expenses.

What I’m wondering is:

What were you focused on as those
unexpected expenses began to pile up?

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As the car trouble happened, were you focused on the car trouble or were you focused on hitting your monthly financial goal?

When you experienced a family emergency, were you focused on the emergency or on hitting your financial goal?

The truth is that those unexpected expenses were just distractions created by your sub-conscious mind to keep you from growing.

The key to solving this roller coaster problem is to continually stay focused on:

1)  What you want


2)  What actions will take you closer to what you want

There will always be unexpected expenses, so set up an “unexpected expenses” bank account, and funnel a percentage of your monthly income into that account. That way, when an expense pops up, you’re “expecting” it and can easily pay for it without it being a distraction.

This will allow you to keep your focus on your goal.

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