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The REAL reason for the ups and downs


This week’s question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from someone who wishes to remain anonymous.

Neagle Code Question

David, I have heard you say that everyone has the same amount of money, meaning that there’s not some force that allocates riches to some people and nothing to others. We actually all have the ability to become wealthy if we desire to do so.

Here’s my issue: I have a deep desire to build my business, help others and create wealth for myself and my family, but month after month, I make just enough to cover my expenses. What am I missing???

Neagle Code Answer

Hi and thanks for your question.

The answer is quite simple.

What you are missing is awareness.

Let me explain.

Each one of us has an internal “set point” that subconsciously governs our ability to make money.

This set point is based on the beliefs and values that we accepted prior to the age of 7.

I know it sounds crazy to think that information you accepted prior to the age of 7 would even be a factor in your ability to make money, but it is 100% true.

It keeps you on a never-ending teeter-totter between making just barely enough and not making enough.

One month you’ll make more than you need, and the next you’ll have to scramble to make sure everything (and everyone) gets paid.

Your set point was created out of your subconscious beliefs about wealth and poverty, and is

Controlled by
shame and guilt.

And here’s the thing…until you become aware of this invisible mechanism, you’ll have a difficult time hitting your financial goals.

You’ll think that you need to:

• Work harder and longer hours

• Hire more people

• Change your programs or pricing

• Learn a new strategy

• Get another degree, certification or training

• Change jobs, businesses or careers

And really you just need to understand the underlying mechanism that’s secretly pulling your strings like a puppet, so you can then make a conscious choice.

I get this question so often that I’ve decided to start this year with a BRAND NEW video training on this exact subject. I want to walk you through EXACTLY how to identify what’s controlling your ability to make the money you desire rather than “barely enough”.


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