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What About Risk?


Invariably, when I start talking about quantum leaps, right away people’s fears come up and they ask about risk.

That’s natural. Your subconscious mind is designed to keep you safe. It will tell you what the risks are, but you have to know that that information is largely rooted in lies.

My intention, today, is to completely reframe the way you think about risk. To turn the concept around so that it can truly serve you in your business and life.

Rules, Values and Risk

If you were raised in a working-class environment, like I was, or if you have worked a corporate job, you were likely taught a value system and set of rules, some of which don’t work for the entrepreneur or business owner. If you play by those rules, you will likely fail.

Some of those rules may include:

Don’t speak up.
Don’t speak out of turn.
Don’t self-promote.
Don’t make yourself too big.
Don’t let yourself be seen.
Don’t outshine others.
Don’t take the credit.

When you’re a business owner, you have to stand out from other businesses and trumpet your uniqueness. If you don’t, you’ll find it difficult to survive. If you were taught that self-promotion is wrong, then you need to consciously choose a new set of rules and values and be willing to take new kinds of risks.

Some of those new risks may include:

Feeling exposed.
Feeling judged.
Possibly stepping on someone’s toes.
Being more successful than your parents or spouse.
Possibly annoying someone with your marketing.

If that makes you uncomfortable, you have to ask yourself what’s more important: to never annoy anyone or to be successful? To never hurt someone’s feelings or to tell the truth? To never overshadow someone you love or to be the person you were meant to be?

The REAL Risk

You have to ask yourself those questions, because there is a graver risk at stake, and that is the risk you accept when you decide to live with the status quo.

When you do that, you risk never having an all-out, full life. You risk never living your dreams. You risk settling for only a fraction of what life has to give.

Are those really worth risking?

You Can’t Avoid Risk

The point is, you can never escape risk.

Whether you go for the quantum leap or follow your usual routine, something is always at stake.

You can’t avoid risk; all you can do is decide which risks to take.

Since that’s the case, why not choose those risks that have the potential to lead to the life you really want?

A New Set of Risks

Before I go on, let me clarify that, while quantum leaps do require you to move beyond your comfort zone, they do not require you to be reckless or impulsive.

Making a quantum leap is not gambling. It’s not a crapshoot. A quantum leap is moving on an opportunity you’ve been ignoring. It’s abandoning your excuses. It’s thinking about a problem in a new and brilliant way

I said before that I want to reframe your concept of risk. Here’s what I mean: I want you to start thinking about risk as a positive.

I want you to go out there and risk:

Believing in yourself.
Putting yourself all in the game.
Playing to win.
Succeeding beyond your wildest dreams.

I want you to risk discovering how great you really are.

Risk Opening Your Gifts

When you live your life with that kind of courage, from that burning fire of passion, you get to open your gifts. You surely have opened some of your gifts, but you have many more left untouched.

Here’s the wonderful secret about that — you don’t have to know what your gifts are in order to open them. They materialize as you reach for them. Did you hear me? All you have to do is reach.

Reach for the greatness that lies within you. Reach for the fullness that is your birthright.

Welcome the thrill in your belly that tells you you’re taking that risk.

Shine as you were meant to shine. Radiate your knowing of who you are.

Love, really love, your life. Be the person, the divine being, you really are.

“Just Believe”,

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