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What Does it Mean to Heal Your Yourself?

Self Healing

This week’s question from our portal “Ask Us Anything” comes from Alia.

What is your definition of inner “healing”? And why does it take so long to heal your emotions?

Healing means self-acceptance.

Self-acceptance is the big healing that every person must get to, if they want to create an extraordinary life for themselves.

It’s when you start to knowing who you really are, acknowledging what you want, not needing other individuals to approve of you, and not needing others in any way that’s unhealthy.

The reason we have to heal is because human beings are the only species that hangs onto their young after the point of maturity. They keep them psychologically bound—sometimes for life.

Every other form of life pushes their young away. But humans stay connected to their parents for much longer.

For example, in Alberta, Canada, there are moose that have offspring. At the end of the year, the mother moose’s body tells her it’s time to get pregnant again, so she kicks the baby out.

It doesn’t matter if the baby’s ready or not. That yearling has to learn to take care of itself, or it will get eaten by a wolf. There’s a documentary  where they show the yearling—it keeps trying to come back, and the mother moose runs it off over and over again, and forces it to learn how to be on its own.

All of nature does this except for human beings.

That’s why we have so many psychological, emotional hang-ups and problems—because we don’t kick our children out of the nest when we should and make them fly on their own.

For most people, the reason it takes so long to heal and have the awareness needed for self-acceptance, is because we wait too long to change the problem.

The longer you wait to change something, the harder it is.

It’s like any other addiction. The longer you wait to kick an addiction, the more difficult it is to get rid of it. You see this all the time. I just learned that 5% of people over 50 years old ever actually lose weight to get healthy to keep it off permanently.

With smokers, the longer someone smokes, the higher the chances are that they’re going to be a lifetime smoker. Alcoholics and drug users are the same way. Any kind of addiction is the same way.

The longer you do something, the more you’re creating a cable in your mind that says, “I need this thing.”

The longer you stay attached to your parents psychologically or emotionally, the more difficult it will be to heal from childhood issues

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