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Why Am I So Calm About This?

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This week’s question from our portal “Ask Us Anything” comes from Anonymous.

Many changes are happening in my life, and I’m excited. Team members are exiting. I’m buying a new building. I signed paperwork this morning. My wedding got pushed out, but my brain’s just saying, “It’s all falling into place in how it’s supposed to be.”

Overall, I’m feeling super calm with things that I would normally be upside down over. In the past, I would freak out for a minute if things like this happened. But this time, I didn’t freak out. It’s not that I’m numb or disconnected—but the calm is really weirding me out. I’ve never had this many things all happen at once, where I’m just like, “Yep, it’s cool.” Is this normal? Is there something I’m missing? Is this a weird coping mechanism that I’m engaging in?

First of all, yes, it’s normal.

That’s great that you didn’t freak out. You’re making progress then.

Some people typically freak out when things go wrong. And other people go into a very relaxed, calm mode.

Being relaxed can be a coping mechanism for some people.

For instance, I’ve had a near-death experience and I’ve talked to countless people who’ve also had a near-death experience, and they all say the same thing—time completely slows down.

When things are going crazy, it’s a survival mechanism of your mind to actually slow things down, because it gives you the ability to focus on what’s necessary in the moment.

But in this case, in this scenario, I think you’re adapting to everything that you’re doing, and you have more control.

When you have control, you’re not going to be in as much
frenetic chaos in your body or your mind.

So just be grateful for it. Ask yourself: “What do I need to focus on today and move forwards?”

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