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Why Aren’t the Universal Laws Working for Me?


This week’s question from our portal “Ask Us Anything” comes from someone who wishes to remain anonymous.

I’m doing my best to apply the universal laws to my business and how I operate. I’ve done a ton of internal work on myself over the years. I’ve done many coaching programs and I feel like I’m truly making an effort to improve myself and my business results.

However, it seems like it’s not working for me. It appears to be working for other business owners. What am I missing? Does this just not work for me?

This is a common question that I get.

What I teach is universal truth principles—it’s not something that will work for one person, but not someone else.

Universal means exactly that: it will work for everyone, anywhere, at any time, no matter who you are or what business you have.

If some piece of information or skillset is working for many people, but not for you—that doesn’t make you special; it just means there’s something within you that’s causing you to remain stuck.

It doesn’t mean that the universal principles are broken or that they don’t work for you, or that they’re specific to certain people.

Your results are a clear indication that there’s still work to do on the inside.

It may be an internal belief that it won’t work for you—which you’ll then manifest in your results.

It may be that there’s something you’re resisting being, doing, or having that would cause you to create the effect you seek. Facing this resistance usually gets a person un-stuck.

Either way, there’s more work to be done, and I would be happy to help guide you into the consistent results you’re looking for.

I highly recommend immersion when it comes to facilitating real change.

Immersion is where you intentionally place yourself in an environment where other people are consistently and successfully using the universal truth principles to create big wins in their business.

By being immersed in this kind of environment, you find your mind adjusting to success principles. Success will become “normal” to you, and you’ll start to pick up on what it takes to be successful.

Because you’re constantly exposed to the material, this gives your subconscious mind very little chance to hold you back.

Immersion doesn’t have to take a long time every day, but it does have to be consistent.


P.S. A great way to experience immersion is to join my program, The Elite Mind (TEM). In it, I meet with you every morning for a short lesson that you can take with you for the rest of the day. I ask you to fill out 2 forms (one in AM and one in PM) to help focus your actions for the day and help you see where you may be falling short.

I then hold a weekly Q&A session to help answer any questions that are coming up for you — whether it’s around something I’m teaching or a certain situation in your business or life. These calls are important to keep your mind clear and out of confusion.

If this is something you want to explore, click here to learn more about TEM and sign up! My next cohort starts on February 26th!

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